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Why do we need borders in the world to separate people/countries?
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Why do we need borders in the world to separate people/countries?

please explain

We don't really need. I imagine they arose from the territorial disputes of kings or even more primal like a lion having his territory and urinating on the edges. The idea that this is mine and you can't have none. Your basic greed and still unperfect unity of society. Which is to say we'll share with other countryman but outsiders don't belong.

The reality is that there are borders in every country. So the US should definitely start by closing down our borders.

BUSH just dont understand that one at all! Borders? What borders? Oil , what oil? Oh, the stuff were steeling while we look for weapons of mass destruction that dont exist. Oh hell, we might as well go to Iran next.

Without secure Borders all will be reduced to the same level of Poverty and the Terrorists will have a field day.

So that politicians can justify their existence on the planet :-/

Same as why you have walls for your house. There will be differences in opinion, way of doing things etc where one may find it offensive while one may not.

Borders is to demarcate where you have the rights to do your own things so at least there is a place you can feel comfortable with.

Also to prevent people just come and consume, mess out things and leave.

Because of the intolerable nature of ingorant xenophobic ppl.

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