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Why so many Americans are so ignorant about North American history, Ethnic diversity and Global Cultures?
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Why so many Americans are so ignorant about North American history, Ethnic diversity and Global Cultures?

At least most people who write oftenly in this section of YA shows that.
The Media & Polls shows it too....

Because they are manipulated and controlled by the media,

Apathy and laziness like pinky said.

Apathy and laziness, no one can be bothered to educate themselves as to what's really going on. Just as long as they can watch American Idol or whatever the current stupidity is, don't bother them with cold hard facts.

I really hate my job...
I think you've just asked a pretty ignorant and conceited question. Do you know me? Do you know anyone on this forum? How can you make such judgements! Where are YOU from? Can you give me a play-by-play of everything that has happened in your country's history?
Please be more respectful.

just me
The first answer you got ...shows typical metality ..He goes get over the fact its his country ? You stated North American history not just united states history ...seems he has not even figured out North America is just not the United states

Marilyn T
I personally love to learn about new cultures,history ect. That really doesn't matter as far as making someone a good American.All we have to really know is that we are a united country.

HUH? Are you still claiming that the southwest portion of AMERICA is actually Mexico. If you are, get a life. California, for example, is part of AMERICA - not Mexico!

why is that so many of people like you don't know how to write a question in correct English grammar?

I guess it all came from that comedian named Lopez:
"why you crying, oftenly??"

And I am so damn sure that those who came here to leech us off know every single thing about their own history, they just couldn't express their concern in English.....

And the real question is.....?

Jose Canusee

Do you honestly think that any one of us gives a sh*t about what you have to say regarding our nation and it's literate people? Oftenly? You surely are overly educated in the English language, aren't you? And no one is indigenous to this continent,you need to learn about the history of mankind!

Razor Jim
How many times are you going to post the same crap?

Voice of Liberty
How is "Global Cultures" relavant to my life? I mean you all are employed by the U.S. in one way or another. I never intermingle with the help.

This was an ignorant question.

Kobacker, you shouldn't use such big words to answer this un-question. The asker might try to use it himself and choke on it, then what are you going to do?


michael f
You know what I am in no way shape or form support illegal immigrants getting amnesty, BUT I do agree that there is a large percent of people in this country that do not know a lot about American or world history.... I will give you that. The reason is because I was one of them. I was shock at how much I learned in college and what never came up in elementary, middle or high school. Thought it does not in any way mean that American people are stupid, what it shows is the school system is not very good do to low funding, over crowding, etc. Heck my high school before I graduated was actually overcrowded by 800 people. Seriously, I was amazed at the amount of information and history that I learned in college and not in public schools. I will give you that.

I second what Kobacker59 said

This is an overgeneralization of a statement that is cloaked as a question.

We are not really interested in GLOBAL CULTURES
we are just trying to preserve our American Culture
And why would we have to be anyway...People wanna come to the US ...We don't really want to live anywhere else.

Because we don't care. Why should we?

Dr Doom
Only because its mind over matter, we don't mind because you don't matter.

ProLife Liberal
I know. For example, the amount of gays that helped bring about Mexican Independence. Or how many gays helped establish the early Fascist movements in Europe, after WWI (must have been those flamboyant uniforms).

Why are you so ignorant of the fact that this is our country, not yours?

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