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can you legally ship gold bars from ghana to US?
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can you legally ship gold bars from ghana to US?

what documents are needed to legally ship gold bars from ghana to us

Scam probably ..be careful


George L
the price of gold is the same worldwide. so, if they're offering to ship it to you under the world price per ounce, it's absolutely a scam.

That's an old scam. Don't fall for it. This scam has been around forever - here are a few different versions but it's been reported thousands of times
Hell - even the US Embassy in Ghana warns about this scam http://ghana.usembassy.gov/419-scam.html

First of all, the price of gold is set internationally so there would never be any reason to ship gold bars from Ghana to the US. That makes NO sense. The spot price of gold today is US$1387/oz. That's the same price whether you are buying or selling gold in Ghana, the US, Calcutta, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Zanzibar, Timbuktu, Sydney, Lima, Mexico City or ANYWHERE in the world. There is ONE price for gold - it's the same all over the world. It's the only financial instrument that has the same value everywhere in the world

Second, if the value of the gold bars is over $10,000 not only would they have to be reported to the Treasury Department and FBI, you would also have to pay US Customs import duty of at least 10% of the value of the gold, as well as being taxed up to 35% by the IRS.

Third, anything of value like a gold bar has to be shipped through an overnight courier. Considering the average gold bar weighs almost 30lbs, you are looking at minimum $500 shipping charges PER bar through FedEx or UPS, not to mention a few thousand extra for insuring something of such high value

Cut off all contact and report this person to the FBIs IC3 division

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