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im not a legal US citizen, but how can i get a license?
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im not a legal US citizen, but how can i get a license?

Question SLaYeR!
i cannot believe you are in college with that sort of spelling.
if you cant even spell after so many years of studying i cannot see you driving

No 1
if its for driving, dont worry about it just drive without one, i do it all the time. i got pulled over by a cop and you only get like 3 hours of jail time, its not bad. just dont say you are not legal or anything stupid like that.

she even gave me a ride back to my car and let me drive home haha.

To all of those people who are being mean to the poor guy asking the questions:
I can't believe how rude you people are! Are we really that different than him just because you were born here and he was born in mexico? My parents are mexican and I was born here. The only difference between him and me are that I get all the perks! I get to have a license, I get to do everything he can't! And why? Because I got lucky! He's in college. He's not some gangster or whatever! So give this guy a chance! Jeez!

Anyway, I know this doesn't answer your question but I just had to let it all out! Good Luck with everything! I wish you the very best!

Oh and question slayer,
What does spelling have to do with driving? And also your grammar is not that great either. You have to capitalize your "i's" and some of your words need apostrophes.

If you have maintained a valid passport and visa and in good status, it should not be a problem.

i hope ur parents get deported and all the other illegals and u cant get a license (i think)

Now this is one of the things that would piss off me and my friends when we were students at Pace U. Our financial aid awards were cut to increase the awards of illegals or the damn kids who were here with there damn diplomatic parents. There is no excuse that you and your parents after all of these years have not applied for American Citizenship. How do you get a license? Go to your local INS office and BECOME A CITIZEN!! And if you are receiving any financial aid have YOUR parents pay for your tuition and leave those funds for those of us who ARE American Citizens.

Razor Jim
Ask your parents, they must have thought about your future when they brought here right?

Eleanor R
No. Go back to Mexico.

it depends are you a legal permanent resident? if your in California than you need a SSI number, a birth certificate, and and an I-94. but if your at least a legal permanent resident your not going to have any problem getting a drivers license in any state.

Rocketman on vacation
It would be appropriate to talk to a law clinic that offers help to immigrants. Many work for free.

Nani Girl
of course. you should hire an immigration lawyer. Right now, the law is you have to be here at least 10 Years so you have a very good case.

Yes, go back to your county of orgin and apply legally for a visa to the United States. Pay all fees and follow the "law" as it should be...then you will be able to get a license. Try it!

you can go to Maryland or Maine. Those liberal ashholes will give a license to anyone with two working brain cells.

If you mean driver's license.. forget it.

Since 2004, the government allowed visitors (tourist visa holders) to drive (anyone's car or rent) with permanent driver's licenses obtained from their home countries. The only requirement is they must have insurance in their own names.

Apart from US citizen, persons eligible to obtain state issued driver's license are those with work visa, student visa, and greencard holders.

To apply for driver's license, you need passport, ssn, and document that indicate your legal status such as work permit (for those on H1-B, E, etc.) or greencard. Students have to provide proof from school and visa, no ssn required. It takes about 3-4 weeks, DMV needs to verify your legal status with USCIS.

rachel t
I dont think illegal aliens deserve that privilege.
You're a criminal in this country, why would anyone reward you?

When you said "not a legal US citizen" are you an illegal US citizen? In any case if you are a legal immigrant or here in the US with a valid visa, you can obtain a driver's license, assuming that is what you are referring to in your question.

Call this number: 1-800-375-5283

You vote Obama is one way to get a license....

If you have a work or student visa, you can probably get information from INS about obtaining a drivers license. If you're an illegal alien, then you should go home.

Lori K
With your valid visa and passport, it shouldn't be difficult. Just apply at the DMV.

If you are legally able to be in the country, then you can apply for a temporary license.

If you are here illegally, then I would prefer that you go home and try coming in through the legal channels.

Are you a legal immigrant or a tourist?

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