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is it possible to have three citizenships?
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is it possible to have three citizenships?

i was just wondering, i am 18 and currently a citizen of England and Australia, would it be possible to become a american citizen or other if i wanted to work overseas for a few years or would i have to give up one of my current citizenships is it even possible to have 3 citizenships ?

Yes .. I know business people with 5

Yes, you certainly can have 3 (or even more) citizenships.

I'm an Australian by birth; a UK citizen by descent from my Scottish father and a US citizen by naturalisation (I married an American and then met the visa and residence requirements for citizenship). I have passports for all 3 countries.

The USA recognises dual/multiple citizenship so that's definitely OK if you meet their citizenship requirements. For any other country, provided you meet the eligibility requirements for citizenship and IF that country allows its citizen to have dual/multiple citizenship (quite a few don't), then that would also be OK.

The number of citizenships you can have is limited by a couple of factors- whether a country decides you can be a citizen and whether a country requires you to give up other citizenships. Since the three you mention are on good terms with each other, I don't see much problem. ('Twould be another matter if you said you wanted to be North Korean or Sudanese or Cuban.)

Don't confuse citizenship with residency. As a British/Aussie, you can gain residency (the right to reside and work) in the USA without giving up any citizenship. And since it'll take you five years of residency to apply for citizenship, that'll give you plenty of time to decide you want that. The first hurdle is getting residency in the USA. Good luck!

Yes it is , I have Three Citizen ships and before i got my 3rd some friends said that I would have to give up one of them but I've had my three Citizen ships for the last 5 years and no one asked me any question about it, I did let the Immigration know about it but they never said a thing.
I was born in Venezuela lived and went to school in Damascus since my father is from there so i automatically obtained their citizenship and came to Canada 11 years ago. been a Canadian Citizen for the last 5 years


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