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what do you do after you get married to an illegal alien. Is there any way to stop them from getting deported.
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what do you do after you get married to an illegal alien. Is there any way to stop them from getting deported.

Ive been seeing a fiance for two years now and we want to get married. I figured we can still get married but I know that eventually he will have to do something about his imigration status.

tony c
a well known routine this-find a western girl-profess your undying love-get married-obtain visa-get divorced on the grounds of her "unreasonable behavior". keep said visa. there's one born every minute!!. what's wrong with getting spliced to a member of your own nationality?.

Steve a
i guess thats what you get for getting married to a illegal nothing but problems,you got your own self into this mess so don't expect y!a to give you the answers that your looking for

You have a couple of problems here pretty big ones. Problem 1 - your fiance is here illegally this means he is a criminal and as soon as he 'does something' about his immigration status he will be deported absolutely no question about it. once a person is deported they have very little chance of ever getting back into the country. at least it will take years not months to get back in. Problem 2- the Home Office have bought in new laws that state a British national can not marry a foreign national if they are only getting married to improve the foreign national's chances of being allowed to remain in the country. so you may not be allowed to marry. Also if you attempt to marry the government's Immigration Department may find out about your fiance and 'do something' about his situation. the best way around all of this is for your fiance to return to his own country and apply for entry clearance. it is possible that the Home Office will allow him/her to enter the country if they have already got a (Skilled) job to go to and can prove they will be able to support themselves financially. it may help if you provide a letter of support to the home office stating that you intend to marry the person and that you are prepared to provide for them financially (of course you would need show that you are able to provide for yourself!!). this is a long shot but I believe it is the only way to resolve the situation legally. as stated before if your fiance has a skill that this country needs (Doctor, Dentist some building trade qualifications etc) then they may well be allowed in. please seek advice from your local Law Center on this. they usually have a drop in day where you can get at least one free advice session. DO NOT PAY A SINGLE PENNY TO IMMIGRATION SOLICITORS WHO CLAIM TO BE ABLE TO 'HELP' they will not be able to stop the government deporting this person, some solicitors will lie to you just to get your money. in summary get professional advice from your local Law Center BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. Seek to do the legal thing. there is no guarantee that this person will be allowed to come into the country if they apply for entry but it is guaranteed that he will be deported if he is found by the immigration department. Good luck with this one.

Razor Jim
You can't do anything for an illegal while they are here. They need to go home and then you can start processing on a fiance visa. Marrying her here while illegal will not change anything. Do it the right way or you will be paying for it for years.

He will be deported and you will be charged with being an accessory.

he can still get deported~you need to start the process of getting him legal

Lori K
What do you do? Probably end up in a no-win proposition and crying a lot of tears. Don't hitch your star to a losing proposition. Don't even consider marriage until he makes himself legal -- either by self deporting or finagling a visa. Learn a lesson from all the sorrowful stories of families having members deported or who have the alternative of living in a "sub-culture" of deception and false identities. Don't make yourself (and potentially children) a statistic.

George L
If your fiance never had any legal status in the US, he can still become a legal resident in the US after your marriage, but he'll need to leave the US first and be processed for an immigrant visa in his home country. If he did come in on a visa, it can all be done in the US. Once you've married, you would need to file an immigrant visa petition with USCIS, either way. However, people who never had any legal status here cannot adjust inside the US. So, he would need to leave once the petition has been processed and approved by USCIS. If he's Mexican, it would be sent to Ciudad Juarez. In addition to the immigrant visa interview, he would also have to apply for a waiver of his ineligibility through USCIS, before he could receive his immigrant visa. However, USCIS has its own office in Juarez to process waiver requests as well. Once he has an approved waiver and an immigrant visa, he would be able to return in a legal status. Check out uscis.gov for more information on immigrant visas and waivers.

Just file the I-130 petition after you are married, and see were it goes. You should think before you make that choice.

he cant get deported once you;re married! unless he has a deportation order. i suggest you go see a lawyer to guide you trhough the preocess. if you get married he will have the chance to stay with you unless what i already told you. i suggest you seek proffecional help before taking any other steps.

nationally abandoned female
A lot of it depends on where he is from. I married my husband while he was pending asylum, then after his asylum case was denied he overstayed to care for me and our son, then he was deported. He is now in Lebanon and I am here in the USA. Deportation can put a damper on his ability to come back because he will need a waiver. If he is from Mexico, 601 and 212 waivers are approved easily with good supporting evidence. I would do my homework if I were you, and maybe consider departing with him and marrying in his country. It all depends on whether or not he has any status at all here in the USA. Deportation bites, and avoid that if at all possible.

It can be done but it is tricky. Does he have any proof of ever entering the US? If he does not, send him home now. You can bring him back on a fiance visa and marry. I am not judging you for falling in love, and if you guys are happy go for it. Please realize though, that doing everything 100% legit it still took two years for my husband to be granted his green card. When you guys to to Juarez to be interviewed, anticipate a 10 year ban if there is proof your fiance has been here illegally, or entered without a visa.

He is illegal, illegal = criminal.. He should be deported like all illegals in the country...

it can work, but you need to be certain it's legit, b/c it's very hard to work out if her is illegal... however, my advice is get an attorney... he may need to return to his home after you get married and re-enter w/ a spouse visa, but you never know... contact and attorney to see your options

Jerry Kenneth Lease
If they can ,return to home land and then come back as your spouse . Good Luck

el cid
Just a word of caution. You should realise that there are men who are illegal immigrants who look for local women to marry them. Do make sure you know his true background because it is also not unknown for them to be already married in their home country. One hopes, of course, the relationship on his part is genuine and everything turns out well for you. But he will still risk being deported.

Do not get married, enjoy your life first. A man should be able to provide for you (yes, I know we are in 2008), and an illegal person cannot do that. I am sure you will be welcome in his country. If you do not want to go there, find a very good immigration lawyer. Good luck!

You need to think long and hard before you unite yourself with a person who can be deported at any moment, especially now that more and more states are enacting tougher legislation in order to stop illegal immigration. Why not work on his status first, marriage is hard enough without immigration status hanging over your head or that of your future children. Contact an immigration attorney and make it right, even if he must leave and come in according to law.

You could always move there!!!! We have enough immigrants here without loose women like you encouraging them!!! I hope you earn a lot of money because I for don't want to fund your sordid life!! By the way He probably doesn't love you he just sees you as a passport and will clear off into the sunset at the first available oppertunity........It must be sad having to sink this low just to get laid!!!!

Obviously he is from south america and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Illegal is a term to describe BREAKING THE LAW.. enough said

Ginny Jin
Which country are you in and where does he come from for starters.

One of my friends was seeing an African and had a baby. Only the other week he asked her to write a letter to the Home Office for him..

Try searching for "illegal alien husband" and you'll see that this question has been asked and answered a number of times.

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