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why do Mexicans hate Americans(white people).?
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why do Mexicans hate Americans(white people).?

Please drop some knowledge on me..I am confused on this point....but don't tell me because Mexicans are Indians..because they are mestizo...don't pull a La Raza on me...but seriously though..I want deperatley to know this

I am sorry you feel this way....

I know some Mexicans can be racist....I have met a few....But I have also met many kind, cultured Mexicans too....You can't assume that Mexicans in general hate white people, because the ones I know, don't feel taht way about white people....

I speak of both Mexicans and Hispanics...Please don't generalize..

Never heard that theory before. I know lots of Mexican people and they don't hate us. I think they feel that we hate them. To bad, so sad. So much mis-understanding in this world .
Can't we all live in Peace and Harmony ?????

I know that some of them do .Alot of other races think whites are rich and have it good.They also mistakenly think whites have no culture which of course we really do but it incompasses alot of different customs and types to music.I think Mexican women hate white women because they think we want their men.Which I dont.Keep mine tall and white.I think alot of them have been taught to be racist and what they need is to be open minded to other people while protecting the right to ones own culture and customs.

Because we dont let them come into this country legally like we do costa ricans, brazilians, puerto ricans...and they know this. The gov, respects these other countries more, and we dont give visas to mexicans like others because as you know they are not educated, and are corupt like their gov..and they want everything for themselves like laraza.

because they know that they can never be us. its as simple as that!

because you are so ugly..................just joking

I dont know why you believe so.
white americans are friendly and educated, I like them, i have
been with some that are bad to me but i dont judge a whole group of people for some of them. Dont worry we dont hate you : )

Saint Lucifer
Because everyone hates white people, not just mexicans

to put you at ease mexicans DO NOT hate americans.

Resentment of the 'have-nots' for the 'haves'.

Mexican don't hate Americans.

i didn't know that...and i'm in CA.

I'm white and I have quiet a few mexican friends so why you want to say something like that when it's not true!?

It is my opinion that there is a group that is fueling hatred. We never had these problems before with illegal Mexicans.

The illegal ones hate us because we do not want them to come into our country and use our tax money to support them.

Lonnie P
Because they are as racist as some, or most, whites. However, there are many who are not, so please quit being stereotypical.

i just can't understand why mexicans speak spanish... I mean they are always bit ching about the white man keeping them down and they are using the language of the people that conquered them in the first place.... how truely sad...

La Raza.... the race.... isn't that the KKK for mexicans.... that's sad too.... I thought they were Aztec and Incan... of course the public education that I got... I could be wrong.

Not all Americans are white fyi.

And not all Mexicans hate Americans.

and this question is impossible to answer because your generalizing way too much.

did a mexican do something to upset you?

Racism knows no border or bound. Ask yourself why some Whites hate Hispanics, then switch the titles. There's your answer.

Fun Fact:
Mestizo was originally the term for Mexican Citizens of pure European Descent...... now, it stands for anyone NOT a practicing Native American (this includes pure blood Natives that refuse to stay active in their village and tribal matters and do not use their indigenous language daily)

Joseph D
If I am not mistaking,that could go back to the Spanish/American war.

You cannot come out with a blanket statement like "All Mexicans hate white Americans". Is there proof that every Mexican hates every white American? No. Of course not. That is called a stereotype. Which makes that a racist statement.

I think you would be hard put to find anywhere is this great world of ours, where one racially diverse, culturally diverse, religiously diverse group 100% likes or hates anothergroup that is different from them in some way.

Look at Iraq or Ireland or the former Yugoslavia for some classic examples. And lets not forget the classic and ongoing examples of genocide amongst and within certain African nations.

Because we made something out of our county that they have yet to do for theirs.

they dont under stand us fear us differnt doest make them bad just scared

Probably because they know many of us don't want them here, the illegal ones anyway.

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