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why do mexicans think they are american?
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why do mexicans think they are american?

just because they are CENTRAL AMERICAN or LATIN AMERICAN doesn't make them american. it makes them a wanna-be american, but definately NOT american.

if mexicans are american, let me try it. I am santa clause. but wait, i'm not santa clause. i guess saying things don't make them true.

So you are saying that you are NOT santa clause?

hey Mexico is part of north American just as the u.s.a and Canada as well as groeland. central America begin in the tehuantepec itsmo and end in the panama canal where south America begins same that ends in Terra Del fuego Argentina
and all three together make one sigle Continent call America From Alaska to Patagonia

jaime f
i was are born in the u.s. but my parents are mexicans just becuz they were born in mexico it doesnt make me a mexican and i dont think im american.....i am american! i do carry mexican blood in me but i was born in the u.s. ....with that said im american.

Last time I checked the map, Mexico was a part of North AMERICA, same as almost all of the United States. If they are illegal immigrants they are still Americans but citizens of Mexico. You are an American who happen to ALSO be a CITIZEN of the United States. Oh, If their parents were born in Mexico, part of North America but they were born in the United States, they ARE AMERICANS who are also CITIZENS of the United States, just like you.
You know, depending on where your ancestors are from, the same question could be asked of you, i.e if your ancestors came here to America from Ireland well then in YOUR way of thinking and processing things, you are technically Irish, NOT American.
And if your thinking that maybe I am saying all this because I must be Mexican, let me inform your small mind of what I am...
I was born in the Philippines to a Filipino mother and a White American father(he was in the Air Force) I am considered Amerasian. American-Asian. So I wrote what I wrote not because I might have been Mexican but because I am educated.

because they are. the term "american" means anyone living/ citizen of a country in north, central, or south america. us (being the people here in the USA) have turned that word "american" into just meaning us here in the states. think about it USA, United States OF America. meaning our country is part OF America not THE America. didn't you history teacher ever actually teach you any thing. because not to sound rude, but your very naive, snobbish. and apparently not into watching or reading the news. because a couple of years ago there was this big argument between Canada and the USA, because they were being called not americans which they are.

Most Mexicans don't want to be Americans. Americans are highly arrogant and think the whole world wants to be us, when in truth, they dont.

Mexicans want to work in America, because Mexico does not have laws like America does, so American companies build factories that pay $0.85 an hour to Mexicans, where as they can earn $6.00 an hour working as janitors and farm labor in America.

If you had that choice, you'd choose the American Job too.

And we're not "America," we're the "United States Of America." Get it right. Mexicans are Americans, as are Canadians, Brazilians, and Argentinians.

Mrs. Valle
You're an idiot. Stop making the illegal immigration about all Mexicans. You are one of the close minded idiots that makes life hard for every one. And just so you know Mexico is in North America. Open your tiny little mind, take a Geography class and don't put your two sense in unless you know what you are talking about!

Because when they come to our country ILLEGALLY, they get all the help (welfare, food stamps, housing, etc) they could ask for by using falsified documents (ID cards/birth certificates, social security cards). But, when an american NEEDS help because all of the illegal immigrants from Mexico took all of our jobs, we can't get the welfare, food stamps, free housing, etc! Why is that?!?!?!?! Would an illegal immigrant please explain this!?!?!?!?

Mexicans (some) believe that as indigenous people of the southern USA they have birthright to the land that we acquired, and there is a movement to 'take it back'. Native Americans feel the same about the rest of our country, they just aren't as motivated in taking it back.

I am of Welsh ancestry, so by all rights shouldn't I be able to go to Wales, find whatever chunk of land my ancestors lived on and claim it as my own too???

I mean it works for Israel...

Allowing people from other countries to become American is what makes our country so great! I have two brothers that were adopted from Korea and both are American now. They learned about the American culture and history and chose to become an American citizen. I do disagree with people coming over from another country-refusing to learn English-waiving the mexican flag and saying they are American. However, if they choose like my brothers to learn about the American culture and participate in this country as a legal citizen then they are truly American and deserve to have the same rights as us.

They live in the "Americas". Why not learn some geography?

And Lapland would probably not give you an entry visa.

Mexicans who have gone through the immigration process are just as American as you...It's just these damn illegal immigrants that need to stop.

So don't be racist and stereotype like that. Believe it or not, there are Mexicans who don't consider themselves American even though they live here.

mom, NURSE!
I love this question. I wish i could answer it, but I, too, am stumped. Thanx for the points.

Americans are people that live on the North or South American continents. What you mean to say is that they are not U.S. citizens.

Alicia G
Cause some of us were born in America. So that makes us americans. But i do consider myself to be a mexican-american

The Rebel
What makes you think they do? I don't see it. They act Mexican to me. They work and take care of their families and support the economy. What is American about that?

If they live in america and truly appreciate they great freedom they have, they are american.

This applies to any race.

Um, if they go through the process legally, they ARE American. Afterall, none of us are TRUE Americans in that sense, only the Native Americans. We all came from some place else.

Grow up.

just because they are AMERICAN doesn't mean they are American? wtf

to be american techinicaly means you live in the americas, which is north and south america, but us "americans" think of it as living in the united states

Why are you such an idiot? God, being in this stupid country makes me look bad, because of all the intolerant, ugly-american people who outshine all the good people here.

because their fake ID says they are

Geographically speaking, North America consists of Canada, United States, and Mexico. But the way society has redefined the word "America," our first impression is to instantly think "the U.S."

In some attributes, mexicans are in fact "American." Though the U.S. has a highly international influence, this does not mean America and the U.S. are the same thing.

Because Mexico is in North America.

If we were a poor Sh*t-hole nation, they wouldn't want to call themselves American.

Now that I think of it, they don't want to call themselves American, they just don't want us to call ourselves American.

How many dummasses does it take to answer a simple question?, Damn! most of the people who answered this question are obviously either mentally deficient, on drugs or simply ignorant! They say " Stay in school!" then, claim that Mexico is a part of NORTH AMERICA! Duh! Some of you need to take your own advice! Learn some geography! open the book! The North American continent is a large land mass located in What is known as North America.
South America is a part of the North American continent. The United States of America is a country located in the middle portion of the continent. And If a Mexican is born in Greenland that Mexican is still a Mexican! The location of your birth has nothing to do with your citizenship! Lesson over! everyone to detention!, for being flagrantly idiotic!

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