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why do so many people leave Mexico to enter the US illegally?
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why do so many people leave Mexico to enter the US illegally?

Mexico is a democracy, same as US. It is a beautiful country with a rich history. There are many intelligent people, and many natural resources. If the people don't like the way their country is they should vote for a government that respects their needs. Leaving will do nothing to change the way things are in Mexico.

I'm going to answer in general, not specifically about mexican inmigrants to the US.

I am translating some research documents on transnational families and inmigration issues. and honestly, there are so many reaons why people leave their countries: social, emotional and personal security, economic stability, human rights, liberty, a better life... is really shocking to me the hate that some people on different countries have to their inmigrants, either legal or not. Most of this people have fmailies and are fighting to get them out of their precarious, discriminated, emotionally abused familias or friends or wifes, etc.

i shoudl say, people should read m,ore about inmigrants and their issues before judging... to us Latinamericans we can sacrifice everything for a better life, take what it takes, but WE'RE NOT CRIMINALS sometimes we are more human than other citizens from different countries.

I would like to share some things i've read. When mothers leave their childs behind to cross borders, they even go thru an emotional rollercoaster, even fathers too, when they leave their wifes and kids, is so heartbroken to hear a chidl say: "you're not my mum (or dad) anymore, you left me" and in search for a nice dream for their families they lose even the trust, care and love of their loved ones. Of course this can always heal with therapy and time.

What people don't understand is that in our Latinamerican countries, justa few live a decent life, they don't need money or anything cause they have good jobs, they have money, they have their lifes all good. most of us, can't get a good job, even if we studied in universities and speak 3 languages. i tell you this cause it happened to me. im single, i have no legal partner yet but i understand this realities as i've read so much about them and in Canada i hear this everyday at church.

If i get to have a chance i will help inmigrants, illegals or not, this is subject to background checks of course, but to tell yuo the truth, most people work for low payed jopbs to raise their kids and families sending money form the countries were they try to settle, they do the jobs that citizens never do, the succesful ones, are brilliant and are always good examples whereever they go.
Some people may have HATE in their hearts fro inmigrants or illegal people, cause this is what some governmetns sells us, makes us think but, if they're not criminals, and they have no mediums or ways to enter legally, why does they have to be judged so crueltly!!!

I entered here legally and now im out of status, and life can be hard cause i never intended to break any law or do an offence, but i cant go back to my country cause i dont have a job, no money and i would never get my life back in a poor country like i did here.

most of our latinamerican inmigrants in general, not only inmigrating to the USA or Canada, have to deal with this stuff... no one likes to be illegal, it has no benefit what sop ever, is a "necesity" rather than a criminal or offensive act that they want to do. When you have no money to buy a kids milk or food, cand you have no help in yuor own country, is human nature to search somewhere else.

I wish this could at least make some minds clear that we all must read about things when we don't know the reason's or contexts of others in ANY circunstances.

If you have more questions let me know.

It doesn't matter whether or not they are a democracy the government has corruption. Many of the families that migrate to the US illegally do not have enough education to properly vote for an able body president. Further more, if there were no immigrants, especially from Mexico who would do all the things that american do not want. America thrives because of the lower class that does all the crap jobs no one else wants to. If you look..you will see more immigrants working hard labor jobs than any other ethnicity..not because they stole the jobs but because they got out there wanted to be there.

People who come here from Mexico come looking for the
American dream and wellness of their family and to give
their young an education. High School in Mexico has to be
paid for...many people cant afford it.Some people come
here atleast to work a while so they can give their family
food. No mexican has ever became rich from working in the
U.S. because they work low paying jobs.

American Girl
Go try living in Mexico you'll learn real fast why they come here.

Because America is not plagued by so much corruption for one. Another reason is there is no minium wage at all in Mexico. We might pay under minium wage or what the job goes for but its more then what they can get in Mexico. ALso think of this what other country gives illegals free medical, education, and other gov programs.
Plus who will oppose Fox when there is so much corruption? Plus Fox feels why make jobs when billions of dollars comes into his country illegally.

If Mexico is going to change I suggest the gov does what FDR did and make jobs.

Next time, take the blue pill.

I should ask you the same question...

Because it is easier to come to America and bilk the American taxpayer out of billions than stay in Mexico and work on reforms.

marykaytodayand forever
would you work all day in Mexico for a dollar ,,, i know they are seeking a better life ,,, but at the rate they are crossing the border ,,, i see huge problems ahead ,, we are already seeing some , They ( the Mexicans need to overthrough , their government leader FOX ) ,, if you`ve never been there , you can`t imagine what poverty they live in , i have been there , yes its beautiful , but to live there would be horrible , sooooo unsanitary , , we have crutches for people who can`t walk , and wheelchairs too , they do NOT , I have seen them drag themselves around , sad , our Country looks like Heaven to them , when the grass looks greener on the other side don`t you make a move ? I have ,,, why shouldn`t they , God Bless Them All

I don't know about the history part, but yeah I here you.

well its a beautiful city in Mexico, but its overcrowded. that is one reason

to do as much for their families as possible seeking the golden dream

Good luck and God Bless!!

money, money, money!

one word CORRUPTION. In Mexico is about 90% but in the US only 25%

Because they think they can get "freebies" in the U.S. without having to work, and I'm speaking of illegals criminals only mind you. As long as they come here legally, I wouldn't have a problem.

1. To acquire money
2. To peddle drugs

Wow....this question has been lurking in my evil mind for quite some time.

The country is beautiful, rich with heritage, full of natural resources and is being pimped away by bad politics.

Instead of marching here.....they should have been rallying for a better government.

Moonbeam - butterfly
To get a bet life for themselves and their families, BUT...There is a right way and a wrong way and too many illegals taking the wrong way because it seams to be the easiest.

DC 1979
$$$$$ that's why. plus free healthcare.

because a low paid job here is much better than a job in mexico. Much more money here.

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