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would you ever merry a mexican women so she could become a u.s. citizen?
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would you ever merry a mexican women so she could become a u.s. citizen?

back in 1998 some one told me about this and i thought about it b/c i would get $10,000 to merry them,but found out later the ins would come to your house to see if u 2 were really married or not and if not u could go to jail

If a Mexican had $10,000 to spare, why would she marry a loser like you?

Well I'm Mexican ,and I would marry an american girl to live in the USA just because is fun.
I'm actually hot, but will marry hot girls only.

its not just mexicans ..cause some inidan man asked my cousin if he would marry his nice for 5,000 $ i know thats no a lot of money ..but i live in the getto west side of SAn antoino so i it can do a lot sand they offerd him a job ...well yea and the man said he would pay for the devorce .....so yea but my cousin didnt ...but i've seen alot of mexican men with some pertty ulgy chicks ..so yea thats what thhier up too...

if you want to merry her than do it and to that WHITE GIRL YOU SHOULD STICK TO YOUR OWN ****!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Morden
It's a federal crime. When my wife and I went to her interview we were first sworn in. If we were not legitimate then everything we said in the interview would be considered perjury. 10 grand may seem like a lit of money but it's nothing when you consider that you are making a commitment of several years. You're better off getting a part time job.

Yep,a man will go to jail if he married a Mexican woman for money,so the Mexican can come to USA.The woman will be deported.

Not a woman, and not a man either.

It's people like you that make it so difficult for those of us who actually fall in love with someone from another country.

Quasi Moto
Never for citizenship.

volleyballchick (cowards block)
Most states would not recognize a marriage between me and another woman, so that would not happen.

And also, women just don't do it for me. I like men, and my husband likes that about me.

Lori K
It's a felony AND morally wrong, so no.

That would be illegal....only losers who desperately need money do that...

Nope. Pretty sure they would catch onto that one anyways being that I'm a straight woman. Like Dirty Martini said, I don't think my husband would think much of it either. It's just wrong all the way around.

anne 1
get the money up front

serenely, soMEone
Tried that once but not with a Mexican girl. Chinese. Dang! So smart she hi-jacked my little brain and wormed her way from their into my little heart. For the Love of God, WHYYYY????


Well, if you're going to go the route of a contract marriage, you will have to live with her for a number of years, it varies from state to state. CA has raised it to 5 years. Also, if she doesn't work, you'll have to be responsible for her financially,and before you marry, will have to petition, which mean you have to prove you can, will have to show your tax returns, and will have to earn above the poverty line. Next, there will be more than just one interview, immigration wants to see that it is a real and happy marriage based on love, so you're going to have to prove that too. The questions they will ask you about eachother are getting harder and harder, down to what kind of underwear she wore the day before, and they will take you into separate rooms and the answers better match eachothers. You'll have to know everything about eachother, and also take her to many places with you, trips, etc. They'll want to see a lot of photos of those things. If they deem the marriage a sham, she'll be deported and you will face stiff penalties.

Have a nice time.

Brooke S
The INS really does come to your home and question you and your "wife" about your life together. Even as far as what her favorite food is and what she does first thing when she wakes up in the morning, etc. From what I hear, it is a very involved process. And yes, you could go to jail.

If she is
1) pretty
2) nice
3) won't dump me

This is not uncommon, but they do check up - you'll have to spend many years forging a life together to "pass muster". If you think you just get married, collect 10k, and divorce, think again.

Forget about the money - find someone you like.

Dirty Martini
No, my husband really wouldn't understand.

I would I have dated some beautiful Mexican women,

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