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Car backed into me at parking lot? ?
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Car backed into me at parking lot? ?

I was parked at a parking lot at work, and a coworker backed into me, he didn't wanna call the cops or insurance because his deductible is 750$ so I told him to give me 400$ next payday and he said ok, but now he doesn't wants to pay me and I said I'll go thru my insurance company but I have a suspendet licens since 2 month but I have insurance. What are my options here ?

hit him

Report it or you will get ripped off!

Talk to a lawyer.

Easy. Just put a dent in his car.

A civil suit against the coworker. It would be better if you had signed a contract. It will help if you can provide wittnesses.

When you get hit in a parking lot, insurance companies tend to not care. They usually delegate the blame 50-50. You should've called the cops right away. Try talking to you insurance provider, but if you've suspended it there's not a lot they can do.

Randy W
the suspended license is a matter for law enforcement not the insurance company.
your car was parked and he is at fault . you can still legally go after his insurance company.
It would help you if you had some kind of a witness as this person could deny the event ever took place . I would take pictures and show the scene and if your co-worker si not denying it ever happened then you ought to go after the insurance company. but you did not get the info, did you?
You do have small claims court. bring all the evidence you have no matter how trivial, it just has to be pertinent.

Im not sure if its the same as in the uk but in the uk your insurance would be invalid due to your suspended licence.
check that with your insurance but unless you wanna be done for driving without a licence i dont think you can really do anything about it.

another option is if you have someone else on your insurance and claim they drove the car but if you are found out you could be done for fraud.

Erica R
First of all, how did your car get to work? Was it towed? Another legit question is going to be how it got off the job site. Was it towed again? Your license is suspended so I know you cannot possibly be thinking that you have options in this situation. Your co-worker just got away with murder. You cannot file a police report because calling the police would place a spotlight on the no license. You cannot call a lawyer because the spotlight is going back on the fact that you have no license. There is not a lot that you can do at this point because everything that transpired is going to be thought to be your fault because the car was never supposed to have been driven in the first place due to the lack of a license. I know that is the law here in VA. It may be different elsewhere, but I doubt it.

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