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Car wreck and no license.?
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Car wreck and no license.?

I was recently involved in a car wreck but I have no license. I was hit by a man working for a company in their car. The officer that handled the scene told me I wasn't at fault and the guy's company would pay for everything. I was given a ticket for no license. But I was wondering what's gonna happen next? The car I was driving was totaled. Will they pay for a new one are anything?

In the USA, If you car is deemed "totaled""They will pay you "fair market value" for it. The fact you had no license should make no difference in the insurance coverage (with rare exceptions) but you will or already have received a ticket for driving without a license. By the way, a cop cannot determine and has no right telling you which company will pay or even if ANY company will pay. Insurance companies are the ONLY ones who determine fault as to liability for repair costs. They do that based on the police report, witness reports and driver statements but they have the final say

A lot depends on what state your in.

If you in CA then your fine. The accident is the other guy's fault so his insurance company will pay for your damages which are the value of how much your car is worth.

If you haven't yet, call the guy's insurance company and put in the claim. They will take care of you. And, ask for a rental car until you get your check from them.

Just my Opinion.
Bad news. Your lack of a license is an easy way out for both insurance companies. There is a real good chance that no one will pay for your car, and you may have to pay for the other guy's car out of your pocket. You probably won't be getting a drivers license anytime soon either, you can expect a 2-5 year suspension before you can get a license.

Sorry to tell you this, but, it looks sad and bad for you. You had no license - you were not supposed to be driving - his company will not pay for your car. You will be very lucky if they don't sue the owner of your car - and I do mean the owner...not the owners insurance company. They have every right to sue, and probably will. The owner of the car was at fault for letting you drive the car and therefore will be held accountable. It doesn't matter who caused the accident.

What usually happens is they pay what your cars worth is. Which means if you spent money fixing it up or adding things to it, You wont get that back. It happened to a friend of mine a while ago. Basically you go and find the value of your car and the insurance will give you that much money. The only problem is it takes a while for the claim to go through. So you will car-less for a while. Some insurance companies cover the cost of a rent vehicle though.

get a lawyer

Brother John Holmes
You may be screwed as driving without a license may void your insurance and so the other driver may not have to pay.

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