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Do you still have to get your learners permit when if your 19 or can you just get your license?
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Do you still have to get your learners permit when if your 19 or can you just get your license?

I live in Virginia, and I'm 19. I have never held a learners permit or drivers license. I would really like to get my license but everyone keeps telling me that i still need to get my permit first and then ive had others tell me that I could just go ahead get my license. I'm so confused..Should i attend a driving school ??

Well the process is...

Written exam > Permit > Take that permit to learn how to drive > Driving test (pass or not) > If you pass > License > You > YAYY!!!

You can't learn how to drive if you don't earn your permit, thats why you take the written exam.

Justin H
In the state of Alabama you have to have your driver's permit 6 months before you can get your licence.

it depends on the state you live in.

well in the state of maryland i had to have a permit and hold it for 6 mos. before i could get my license. i also had to attend driving school and complete 60 hours of driving before i took the driving test and i am 19. it all depends on what your state law requires. i say just go for ur license if you can and then go to driving school.

Thats a first for me, never new anybody that never got their license at that age. Im sorry but you have to, not due to age requirments, 15yo and 6 months for permit, and 16yo and 3 months for regular license, but the fact that your state requires permit for 180 days before regular license, some states dont require permits, but yours does.

And not sure about your state, but I either had to go thru independant driving school or take it at high school during summer, but since your out, you should look in yellow pages for driving instructors, and shop around to get best price, they all have to teach the same thing, so its not like your not getting your moneys worth.

best of luck driving

Since you're over 18, you won't need your parents to sign. That's about the only change. You still have to get the permit. How else would you get practice time in?

Driving school would answer your questions and get you well prepared to test.

i believe at 18 you can just go get it..
but be prepared to take the exam as well as the road test
if you haven't had any drivers ed.. then i would suggest you get some before hand...
this knowledge could save you a mess of trouble in a crises
plus your insurance will give you discounts for having it...

Check out the Virginia DMV website. You'll probably find the answer to your question.

you should go to driving school...that would make the people that give you your license or permit or whatever the regulations for your state are after age 18 like you more

You should be able to go get your license, assuming you pass the eye exam and the road signs test, the written test and the driving test.

Michelle C
you have to get your temps first

Every state has different rules, but I think that you can pretty much bet on applying for your permit first - then practicing, then taking the drivers test.

Your local DMV will be able to tell you....

Good luck.

shane t
just get your license

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