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Does anyone know how to get an inspection sticker off your winshield without destroying it ....?
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Does anyone know how to get an inspection sticker off your winshield without destroying it ....?

I need to put it on my new winshield....

You're not allowed to do that even if it's just a new windshield and not a new car -- it's not legal and it's going to fall apart on you anyways.

Go back to the repair shop or inspection center that did the current inspection, they'll only charge you a sticker fee ($2-$5) instead of you having it reinspected.

If it's a whole new car, sorry, you have to have a whole new inspection.

No, that's the whole point - you can't transfer an inspection sticker from one car to another. They're designed to come apart.

You have to get the NEW car inspected.

When I used work at Pass and ID on base, the people who were responsible for receiving expired base stickers would instruct the people to heat the sticker with a hair dryer. They said it warms the adhesive so that you can peel it off in one piece. Never tried it myself but I do know they would receive the stickers back in one piece so it must've worked.

Ed F
Check with an autoglass repairer. They somehow transferred mine once but I didn't ask how they did it.

Or, you could take a picture of it with a digital camera and duplicate it.

They are no way to get TODAY`s stickers off, trust me I tried everything, the only to do is going back to the station and gett another 1.

I would get a water bottle with a spray on it and soak it and then get a single edge blade and try to lift it of. another way is on the other side of the sticker blow hat air with you hair dryer and pull off with a blade

try warm water and a scraper and if ya try a razor be carful,,,good luck,

a scraper with a very sharp razor blade on it

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