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Ex boyfriend stole my car?
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Ex boyfriend stole my car?

My ex boyfriend has stolen my car we split up 7 weeks ago. The car is in my name and its insured in my name only. I reported it stolen to the police they have arrested him but he has told them he bought it and now they are telling me its a civil case and they can do nothing about it, they have taken it off there records as being stolen. What can/should I do I have shown the police all the documentation.

john m
take it to court. if he dose it again report it again.

I would make him show the proof that he had bought it, also I would take him to court.


Wow! That's kind of crazy of him. Did you purchase the vehicle or did he? If it's in your name, I don't see why they would do that.

Mad Jack
Find the car and take your license plates off of it. If the registration is in your name, this is your property. He will not be able to drive it without the license plates. He will not be able to register it because the title is in your name.

If he drives it without license plates, he will risk getting pulled over and ticketed. Let him explain this to the police.

Do not remove the insurance because you could be held liable for anything he does in the car.

Contact a lawyer.

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