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Got pulled over for driving with suspended license and no proof of insurance?
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Got pulled over for driving with suspended license and no proof of insurance?

I had an unpaid speeding ticket which resulted in a suspended license. I got pulled over and didnt have my insurance card on me either. My insurace had a lapse of coverage anyways. So I have court today and Im curious if they will be able to tell if I had a lapse of coverage because I still have my insurance card for the date I got pulled over and it covers the date I got pulled over but there was a lapse in coverage. So I guess what Im asking is if the judge can and will call the policy to see if it happened to be lapsed at the time or if he will be content with the insurance card.

Insurance cards will only show the dates of coverage on your policy which is usually 6 months. But an insurance card is just that, and if you fail to pay your premium is useless, since the insurance company will state that your policy lapsed.

Now at the time you got pulled over, if you had had your insurance card on you, it it very unlikely an officer would have called and verify and most likely would just write the ticket for whatever reason he pulled you over for. But since no insurance card, added another ticket for no insurance.

So you have 3 strikes against you.
1; suspended license for failing to pay speeding ticket
2; no proof of insurance when pulled over the 2nd time
3; ticket for being pulled over.

My guess is that if you bring your insurance card, they will call and verify at the time you were stopped, did you have insurance, which you did not. Most likely they will know that you failed to pay the previous ticket and with the 2 new ones, will slap some heavy fines on you.

Now if your insurance was not lapsed at the time, you could bring proof with you from your insurance company, but since lapsed, you have no defense.

The only bright thing that happened is that you were not in an accident with no current insurance.

If your being charged with having no insurance, It's up to you to prove you had insurance at the time you were charged.

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