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How can a cop tell if your driving without a license?
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How can a cop tell if your driving without a license?

I my permit(i have a car) but im thinking about driving to school only(without my parents).And i have my car registered as my parents and my insurance.

A big neon sign is displayed and lit up on top of the car saying "I don't have a drivers license".

Dale (aka drc40m)
they can not unless you get pulled over by them or some one tells them you don't have a drivers license ... but if you get caught driving with out a parent in the car you will lose your permit get a ticket and will not be able to get a drivers license until you are 18 or 21 depends on what the judge says ...

Jessica H
they cant...they can only tell if they pull you over and ask for your DL and you hand them your permit...if your wondering if they can tell by calling in your license plate on the back of your car...They can only find out who the car is registered to.

Well if you don't know the answer to this question you are too stupid to be driving. When you get pulled over for doing something stupid because you don't know how to drive they will ask you for your license and you won't have one and that's how they will know you are driving without one.

when they pull you over they ask for your license. When you don't give it to them they will know you dont have it =)

Kay S
They cannot stop you unless you do something wrong. You can sew them for age discrimination

He'll know because if/when he pulls you over, he will ask to see your license. And when you hand him your permit he won't be too pleased.

Well they would ask you to produce it. Don't try, you'll get caught.

The only way he will know is if he pulls you over for some violation or speeding. So if you don't want to get caught then don't do any bad driving. Honestly though you should wait till you have a full license.

you probably act nervous when you see one dummshittt! lol

tea ali
They won't unless you get stopped for some reason. Cops do routine random traffic stops all the time. You can be stopped for a seatbelt check, speeding, tailgating, a broken or mirror or light, changing lanes without signalling, and many other reasons. And what if you get into an accident? If they ask for your drivers license and you show your permit and you don't have a licensed driver with you, you'll lose your permit and you will be restricted from applying for your license for some time (how long depends on the laws where you live). Someone will have to come and get you since you won't be allowed to drive. And there'll be a fine. Still think it's worth the risk?

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