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Minor fender bender and it was my fault can they sue me?
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Minor fender bender and it was my fault can they sue me?

I just got into a minor fender bender and the other car was barely scratched but it was a rental car. The people driving were not hurt at all but had to call the police because it is a rental car. Can the rental car company sue me or make me pay eventhough it isnt damged much?

Cowboy Bill
Yes.. (duh). It's YOUR responsibility ...

Sure, but why would they have to? You gave them your insurance information, and called your company to tell them what happened, didn't you? If so they will pay for the damage and there will be no need to sue you.

quite possible
and i hope you have insurance
they may deduct say....500$
i had a small accident, and an old bmw's paint was gone, like that of a quarter coin size. they charged me 600$
its crazy, but what to do !!

nathan H.
that's an insurance question, call your insurance company and ask to talk to a repasenative about the incident, i believe you are sappose to call them with in 24 or 48 hours so when you call and report it ask them

Yes they can. but hopefully their insurance will cover it and it wont cost you any.

They certainly can and they probably will unless you pay for the damages incurred.

If you have insurance, which you should, this is the kind of thing that it handles. If there was only minor damage they'll probably just make a claim to your insurance company and you won't have to pay anything out of pocket. If there was major damage/injury or you don't have insurance then sit back and wait to get sued.

Randy F
your insurance should cover the damage.but your rates will go up . sorry

yes, anybody can sue anybody for any reason.

mar c
yes and your insurance will go way up

You can be sued for anything these days. Just keep following up with your insurance company.

dont you have insurance? thats what it is for.


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