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My car was parked on my drive and a brick was thrown at it can I get compensation?
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My car was parked on my drive and a brick was thrown at it can I get compensation?

My car was parked on my drive, someone has thrown a brick at it damaging rear light cluster and boot, I am only insured TPFT as I have been ill for some time, I have reported to Police is there any likely compensation I could get for this to get if fixed, any help for would be appreciated

If a window was broken, eg the windscreen, even if only cracked, the insurance would pay, subject to excess, but only with comprehensive insurance, which costs a good deal more than TPFT. Since the damage is comparitively minor, it is unlikely that you will be able to claim compensation unless you can appeal to the parents of the culprit. If, because of your illness, your car is an essential lifeline, then Social Services may be able to help. I recommend that you contact your local council by telephone.

If the police find the culprit then you can try and get compensation from them. Otherwise who is going to pay it?

Only if the police find the person who did it and they are found guilty and ordered to pay costs through the court.

Unless the culprit is found you will have to bear the cost yourself. Even if you had fully comprehensive insurance the excess may well exceed the repair cost.

You can get compensation from the person who threw the brick at your car. You will have to take them to court and prove who threw the brick. So Yes you can claim compensation, however it will be very difficult.

Van Ryder
Not from the insurance company you can't. Try asking the person who threw the brick.

Paul B
Probably not, as you only paid third party, and insurance companies aren't the most compassionate of companies. But if I were you, I would at least ask them

Not with 3rd party.

Timbo is here
You could contact your insurance company but it is unlikely to be covered enough to make a claim worthwile after you pay the excess and the lost no claims bonus. If the person who did it is not known and/or is not being prosecuted there is nowhere else to get compensation.

Sounds as though you are not covered by vehicle insurance, so I would suggest you ask your household insurers.

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