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My truck caused a minor damage to a private property. Who pays for the repair? my insurance or the landlord's?
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My truck caused a minor damage to a private property. Who pays for the repair? my insurance or the landlord's?

only me

Try to deal it out of pocket, otherwise insurance rates will go up much more. You can check how quotes will change here - autoinsurance.bebto.com

everyone on the face of the planet needs insurance to cover their asses for the things they do to OTHER people !!!! SO in this case, YOU damaged someone else's property, so YOUR insurance will pay....and hence your premiums may increase. If the landlord was working on the roof of his house and dropped a bunch of tiles on your car and damaged it, he would go to HIS insurance !!!!

Not enough information to blame the landlord. Who was driving? Your truck- the insurance follows the auto BUT RU in the states?

You need not worry. The landlord will get the expenses from his insurance company, and in turn his insurance Company will recover from your insurance company. Need not bother. Pay insurance premium in time.

Ultimately your insurance will pay for the repairs. Either they will pay for the repairs directly or the Landlord's insurance will pay for it and they will then go after your insurer.

Who ever did the damage pays or insurance who done it deals with it

You caused the damage your are responsible, thus your insurance pays (or you do).

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