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Sorn car back on the road?
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Sorn car back on the road?

I sorn my car last year as I went travelling for a year. Now I'm back I want to get my car back on the road. Do I just fill out the usual form for a tax disc as usual would or do I need to fill out a particular form declaring it back on road?

How to tax your vehicle without a reminder http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/OwningAVehicle/HowToTaxYourVehicle/DG_069680

You need to get a tax disc, but you'll need to get insurance and (if the car is old enough) get it MOT'd first. You won't be able to buy a tax disc unless you can provide evidence that the car is insured and has a valid MOT certificate.

Tim S
If you have been away for a year of course you won't have an MOT so you can't tax it yet. You are allowed to drive an untaxed (ie SORN) car to a test station IF YOU HAVE A BOOKED TEST. If you don't book and you are stopped or seen on a camera going to a turn up when you like MOT place you will get fined. So get insured then book the MOT (you don't need to have an MOT to get insurance especially if you are just driving to the test) get the MOT then get a tax disc. You can do it in person at the post office or online as the MOT and insurance will be seen online by DVLA. No special forms needed.

Timbo is here
Just tax it and that cancels the SORN

it's the form V10 from the post-office .you have your M.O.T. and insurance cert; and your reg; document .get your tax disc .and through the wonders of the computers you will be registered as back on the road.

if your doing at post office take log book, mot, insurance certificate and the dosh, job done.

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