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Texas DMV,Drivers License, Inspection sticker, License plates?
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Texas DMV,Drivers License, Inspection sticker, License plates?

How long after a person moves to Houston will the have to change their license, stickers and plates? I have new Plates , inspection sticker fo another state. My drivers license does not expire untill 09.

I believe TX requires you to update your license any time you move. If you get pulled over and don't have a TX license AND you live in TX, they will probably fine you. I have gotten a warning for not having the correct address on my TX license. They expect that the address on your license is where they send you your ticket information (speeding, any other violations) and if it's not the correct address, then they are not pleased and will either give you a warning or a ticket (i believe). However, you can't have a license in two states. So, your old license will be "snipped." They will cut the corner of your old state license. If you want to keep it, then you will have to have "lost" it, but that could present even more problems if you can't present ID to get a TX license. I would just call DMV and ask some questions or check their website.....probably better remain anonymous when you call until you decide what you want to do. I know some people just "risk it" and hope they don't get pulled over. :o)

You have 30 days to get your plates, inspection sticker, drivers license, and license plates.

30 days for all

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