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What do you do if someone rear ends you but there is barely a scratch on your car?
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What do you do if someone rear ends you but there is barely a scratch on your car?

Should you still get their insurance info? And what if I don't have insurance?? Would it make a difference?

Todd C
First thing you need to do it get insurance as required by law.

As xxia mentioned, if there is _any- visible damage you could at least ask to be paid an 'appearance allowance'. This means that it's not praticle to be paid to have the entire bumper repainted as the small scratch can barely be seen but you have suffered some property damage. Basically, you agree to accept something like $50 or $100 and the carrier agrees to pay it to get the claim paid and closed. It works out for noth parties.

You could then take the money and get insurance.

Chara Pointshot
No, don't even bother if there was no damage to you. It sounds like you weren' at fault.

Supersonic Amazement
You don't have insurance? Either tell him to forget it, or try to bully him into giving you a couple hundred dollars to forget about it.

Most guys will go for this, because then insurance companies don't have to get involved. You also don't want insurance to get involved, because by being uninsured, the accident instantly becomes your fault.

get it painted? or buy really good car paint?... haha make a big scratch and let insurance do the rest.

Dan O

No reason to bother if you don't want to fix any of the damage.

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