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What documents provide full proof of ownership of a car in UK?
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What documents provide full proof of ownership of a car in UK?

Is the V5 the ONLY document of ownership for a car? And is the registered keeper defferent from the owner? and if so, is the v5 document the ONLY document proving that you are registered keeper? or is the document that is signed in the car dealership another source for proof of ownership/being registered keeper? Just to add... if it was my name on the v5 and someone else signed to be the registered keeper whilst actually in the car dealers (one signature happens in the dealers and another sinature required when the v5 is posted, is that right?), who is registered keeper in that instance?

A receipt that is not older than another one for the same vehicle. No need for any more waffle - some people must love to type!

John T
The v5 shows the registered keeper - the owner could be different. If you want FULL proof of ownership then a receipt with your name and the v5 in your name would be the only to "prove" ownership.

The original Peter G
Owner is generally the person who bought and paid for the car and has receipts to show this, unless it has been formally gifted and the gift documented. The Registered Keeper is the person who's name is on the V5 and who is responsible for the day to day operation, speeding tickets, &c &c.

In plain english the owner of the vehicle is the one whose name is on the receipt when the vehicle was purchased . The V5 is purely for the user of the vehicle not the owner

Even though the The Registered Keeper is NOT necessarily the owner of the car, it is the registered keeper current or previous who can only claim a tax refund - new rule brought out Jan 09. LOL I have a thumbs down and yet I know what I'm talking about, I work in DVLA.

The Darkened Man
The Registered Keeper is NOT necessarily the owner of the car. The best proof you can have of ownership is the receipt/bill of sale for the vehicle. Not sure why your asking, but being the "Keeper" does not mean you own the car.....

Registered keeper and owner are two different things. The V5 is the proof of who the registered keeper happens to be at any given moment in time. This may or may not be the owner - and it is only the owner who can sell a vehicle. Ownership can be proved in a variety of different ways, but the best will certainly stem from the transaction that led to the vehicle last being sold. This will certainly include invoices and other documentation from a car dealer. And the registered keeper will be the person shown on the DVLA records in that capacity. This ought to be the same person as shown on the V5, but if there is any difference the main records (not the V5) are the ones taken as being correct.

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