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What happens when you don't return a rental car on time and the company reports it stolen?
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What happens when you don't return a rental car on time and the company reports it stolen?

My dad kept his hertz rental longer than the contract stated. Yesterday he was arrested for grand theft auto after hertz reported it stolen. Is he going to jail or are they going to just drop the charges after getting their car back? Also is he does go to jail, how are we going to get money? my mom works at walmart so her paycheck isn't exactly substantial...

Answerer 5
The DA MIGHT drop the charges if Dad settles with Hertz. It will be VERY expensive, and it will require unquestionably legitimate payment in full.

Answerer 4
well they may work with him ..but they don't have to . he will have to pay for the extra time they had the car as well as any cost they have for reclaiming the car. what he should have done is contacted the car rental place as soon as he knew he was not going to be able to return the car before the due time. some times the simple things can cost us greatly...

Answerer 3
what is wrong with your dad ?

is he on drugs or alcohol ?

he knew what he was doing would catch up to him . so why did he do it ?

you need to ask yourself those questions so you can help him with his problem.

i dont think they will put him in jail,

but they prob wont just drop it.

he will at least have to pay the rental charges .

I hope things get better for your family .

but your dad has some issues that he is not willing to face.
ask him what they are.

Answerer 2
Your Dad should have called Hertz to let them know he needed to keep it longer.
Did he turn the car back in himself or did the Police have to take it back.
As far as the police were concerned, the car was stolen.
As far as the money question, your Dad should have thought of that before doing something so stupid.

Answerer 1
there must be a penalty fee, all he had to do was call in, but its too late now.
he must think contracts are a big joke.
don't worry you'll eat.

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