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Why are some drivers so rude?
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Why are some drivers so rude?

Two days ago I was in a slow moving traffic jam in the snow - two lines of slow moving traffic. Being in the left lane, I needed to get over to the right lane to turn right at the next roundabout. Both lanes were moving at about the same speed. I put on my indicator and waited for a space in the right lane to move into. But as soon as I started to signal it was like a red rag to a bull - all the drivers in the right lane did absolutely everything they possibly could to deny me the space to move into - including almost hitting the car in front of them to make sure they were close enough to stop me moving in. This wasn't one driver, it was loads of them. Can anyone explain to me the mentality of the people who do this - is two seconds of their life that important that they prefer to be as rude as they possibly can? If anyone out there is the kind of driver who does this, please explain to me why - I won't have a go at you for it - I just want to understand what goes through someone's mind when they are doing it. I wasn't doing anything wrong - just asking for a little space.

I get alot of rude drivers as there is this zebra crossing I cross almost everyday. These drivers approach the crossing as i'm actually almost half way through, yet they just keep on going, disregarding whether they hit me or not. Sometimes I wish I bring my camera so I can whip it out before crossing to catch any offenders, as essentially it's a crime to go over a crossing when there are pedestrians on it. I guess they are just trying to cut corners, you know you get people like that, they don't care much about other people and would do most to further their self interest. Or they are just too lazy.

Tania A
Here is wat 2 do stick your middle finger at who ever.

Sargent Michell
Because so many twits make a game out of blowing up the left lane and then cutting over to the right one at the last minute, just to beat the rest of the traffic. They think they are better then everyone else. Just take a look anytime there is a lane closure ahead. It's well marked far ahead of the actual point, yet these folks race up to the block off and expect folks to let them in. Folks get tired of these"drivers" and won't give em an inch. Can't blame em at all if this is the case.

monkey wrench
back to you , why do you wait so long to get into the proper lane was it because you cut all the cars off trying to get around everyone ,sound to me like that what you did and now you want us to say it,s there fault , snow was the word here , says slippery and traffic i get cu t off everyday by people trying to get ahead of me but theres space behind me lots but no they MUST be in front. Another of my favorites is passing me then going in front of me then turn right , if ya stayed behind I would not have to brake and wait for you to complete the corner , but no you MUST BE IN FRONT comes from the need to be first be the best , get an A screw everone else

Timbo is here
Now this is a possibility not an accusation - Maybe you left it too late to get into the correct lane unlike the ones who sorted themselves out much earlier and perhaps felt that you were just a chancer and shouldwait a while longer. Sadly there is far too much deliberate and thoughless late lane switching going on and a lot is due to drivers tryingto save seconds by lane switching to what they percieve to be a faster lane. Sadly too this means genuine lane changers get tarred with that too

I know exactly what you mean,a lot of people use the mentality you trying to jump the queue and if both lanes are traveling the same speed they can not differentiate between jumping and going a different way.It's a major factor in road rage people being bad drivers and blaming others for their own lack of road sense,personally i always let people in even if they are jumping because if they are in front of me they cannot hit me.then smile at the bellend and get on with my day.

EvelynThe ModifiedDog.
It's not just drivers. 95% of people nowadays are total f*%$wits.

mark m
Although some of the rude road behaviour may seem like the end of the world. It wont really matter in two years, or two minutes, when you are further down the road.

Just the 2 of us
It's just that there's far more ignorant people than you thought, my pet hate is when there's an obstacle on their side of the road but you graciously flash your lights for them to come through first, then they don't even nod, wave thanks or anything, just drive through without even acknowledging you at all, Oh and those that drive in the middle lane of a motorway for mile after mile when the nearside lane is empty!

Why are some drivers so rude? Some people are rude by nature, and they bring it with when they drive.

I think most of us have experienced something similar.and I have yet to meet one of the other drivers as nobody will openly admit to be a selfish driver.

taxed till i die,and then some.
The magic word is snow,Once you hit the brakes you could skid and cause an accident,Or if you stop it is possible that you cannot get moving again.So people keep going.

chivalry's dead and buried mate, ignorance is the new bliss to MOST..not all???????

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