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Will My License Get Suspended?
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Will My License Get Suspended?

I'm 17 years old. Just got my license in may. I live in ohio. Today I was speeding. Going 85 in a 55. This is my very 1st ticket. This was caught on a radar so it could be a little lower, not sure.

But will my license be suspended? & will my insurance go up at all?

ps: I live in ohio.

you will have to wait to see. No one here can positively say one way or the other

For the sake of the people that live around you, I hope so

you already said you live in ohio.

Scott H
That's considered reckless driving in most states. You will be lucky if you walk out of the courtroom with your drivers license and you could face a very healthy fine. In AZ, that's considered a felony.

someone told me that the radars on the side of the road do not give you tickets they are only for police to be behind and it will tell the police your speed limit so they dont need the radar or something. and since u just got ur license if u get a ticket ur banned until 21.

Well, in Australia if you are on your provisional license and you do over 15 k's over the limit, you lose your license for 3 months.

I presume it's similar in the USA. You will probably lose your license for a couple of months, but don't stress until the ticket comes.

justin plainold
well all you can do is wait and see, its all up to the judge, some judges are more lenient than others, I cant tell if you are male or female, so if you are female, go to court dressed nice, but conservative, kind of like a vestal virgin. If you are male, get a SHORT haircut, wear a nice shirt, If you have a fancy suit, wear it, if not at least get a nice sport coat and a sharp pair of pants. (in other words, don't go looking like some long haired hippy freak, who just climbed out of bed, being inconvenienced by the judge ok) I guarantee even a little respect goes a long way.
I wnt into court one time in a nice sport coat, a nice pair of slacks, and a hair cut. because I was in the wheelchair, I was forced to sit right up in FRONT, STARING AT THE JUDGE FOR OVER AN HOUR. as he went down the list.These guys came to court looking stoned, in ripped t shirts, (he told that guy to leave, and not come back without a shirt) the guy looked like he just climbed out of bed, ripped t shirt, super long scraggly hair and beard, scratching his head looking confused, and asked his lawyer WHAT HE SAY??? (his attorney begged him to go find another shirt) the judge told another guy to bring his pillow next time if he did not follow the judges directions, this judge slammed people for an hour over tickets just like (the ticket I had) I was like going (this cant be good) the judge even woke up some guy who fell asleep in the back, eventually the judge mentioned something about a little respect going a long way, then called my name. I was dang glad I got a hair cut and a sport coat the day before, because the judge completely threw my ticket out. So you never know, yes your honor, no your honor, and get in and out of court, have a little respect, it may work out a lot better.

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