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Women ran red light, hit my car. NOW her insurance co is claiming 30% responsibility!! HELP!?
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Women ran red light, hit my car. NOW her insurance co is claiming 30% responsibility!! HELP!?

a lady ran a red light, side swipping my car. the police report was very clear, it was HER fault, she was issued MULTIPLE tickets. i contacted HER insurance co, GEICO, since my insurance deductable is too high. to make a long story short, geico called and said they are only claiming 30% responsibility for the accident, THEREFORE ARE UNABLE TO PAY TO REPAIR MY VEHICLE!!!!! how can this be?? what should i do?? the appraser estimated $500 in damage, its not so bad. but the lady HIT ME ran a RED LIGHT and injured me, and they don't want to fix my car!! any advice is much appreciated... tia!

AND i was injured!! i am seeking medical treatment, and am getting a lawyer involved. what should i do?

Most insurance companies are looking more and more at comparative negligence.
Many factors come into play with auto accidents such as # of lanes this person crossed before impact.
What each driver tried to do to avoid the accident and a little thing called last clear chance meaning if a driver has an opportunity to avoid an accident and does not then they could be placed partially at fault.
I am a claims adjuster for auto insurance and believe me GEICO is not the only company taking a second look at accidents.
Insurance companies have realized accidents are not always caused by the actions of just one driver.

I see this type of question asked 50 plus times a day and the answer is "why" are you calling their insurance company????

Turn everything over to your insurance company and let them fight it out, that's what you are paying premiums for and this will not affect you at all..

They will get the police report for you at no charge, they will do the dirty work at no charge and you just sit back and make your statement to your insurance company..

you talk to the lawyer. there is no point in asking for any advice here.

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