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can somebody steal your identity with your drivers license number?
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can somebody steal your identity with your drivers license number?

What can somebody do with your drivers license number?
can they look up your info? im just wondering because this guy wants mine but idk why

Sargent Michell
NEVER give out personal info to someone unless there is a legitimate reason for asking.
Like stated previously, if you are cashing a check, applying for a job, a cop pulls you over.

Tony RB
Who wants your driver's license number ?

Often merchants will ask to see your driver's license if you are writing a check, because they will write the number on the check.

When you apply for a job, the employer needs the driver's license to comply with Federal law and state laws. And the employer can use that number to look up your driving record, but it has to be a job requirement. Other employers might use it for criminal background checks.

When you want to rent an apartment, the landlord will want the driver's license number for their records.

If this is just some random person, ask him why. Or just ignore him.

But yes, they can steal your identity by using the driver's license information - number, name, address - to make counterfeit driver's licenses.

Read this article on Brian Kreb's website :
Reintroducing Scanlab (a.k.a Scamlab)
Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 8:56 pm

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