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how do i find out who a vehicle registration belongs to?
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how do i find out who a vehicle registration belongs to?

Just the police department have that access.

Colin M
You have to complete a form for the DVLA, pay a fee and justify your need. They will only release the information if you can prove you have a genuine need, such as a hit & run in a carpark where the police aren't interested, not for a "social" reason. Data Protection Act controls it. Unless of course you have someone bent inside DVLA.

Data Protection Act would refuse for personal gain

not only the cops can get that info, any dealer in car registrations is able to trace a plate in order to make an offer on it, my mate who delas in plates did this to find my plate

only the police have access to that im afraid.

I have heard that the DVLA will sell you the information for just a few £s . Apparently people were kicking up about it because their cars were targeted at Airports,Ports and the Channel Tunnel by crooks who would take the registration number of their vehicle, get the address through the DVLA and assuming the residence would be empty, burgle it ! Heard it on the radio so i'm presuming it's got some merit.

You cannot access those records, just the police. Sorry. You could always buddy up to a cop, and see if they will run the plate for you....

you could ask the dvla

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