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how long do points stay on your driving licence for in the uk?
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how long do points stay on your driving licence for in the uk?

i was given 6pts in 2004 but it does not state on my licence how long they last for i got the points for driving a car i had just bought home it had no tax and i wasnt insured as i only had to move it 4 streets away and got caught on the way back grrrrrrrr but thats how it goes sometimes they gave me 3pts for the tax and 3pts for the insurance along with a fine

so you got six points in total that is the correct amount for this offence and iam afraid they stay on your licence for 4 years.

Well, since everyone else has got it wrong, here is the correct answer: Those points will stay on your licence and 'active' for 3 years. 'Active' means that if you get any more points, they will go towards the total of 12 needed for a ban, under the totting-up procedure. They will then stay on as 'inactive' for a further 12 months (a total of 4 years after the date of conviction). They do not count towards the totting up procedure and you can pay to have them removed at the end of that time. You must also declare them to your insurer for 5 years after the date of conviction, even though they will no longer be on your licence.

They stay on for 3 years, after which you can apply for a replacement licence without these showing.

Lynn C
3 years then you can have thm removed but it costs i think

Typically it would be 3 years. Driving bans stay on for 10 years, although insurance companies ignore them after 5 years. Check the DVLA website and all should become clear.

3 years

typically 3 yaers

3 years

3 years. You must tell your insurance company otherwise your insurance is not valid.

Granny Smith
3 years, dude.

Little Bear
depends what they were for, but speeding/driving without due care usually last for 3 years

3 Years. You can your license off for a clean one if you want.

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