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if you are summoned to court, do you have to go?
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if you are summoned to court, do you have to go?

my car was reppossed about 8 months ago, and i just got a document telling me that i am being suited by the collection agency, and i don't have the money to hire an attorney. so, what is your best advice??? thank you.

Hello???? You've been summoned, yes you have to appear or your in contempt of court and can be arrested.

Go to court. If you don't go, the only thing that will be considered will be the collection agency's testimony.

You have to speak up for yourself unless you want a money judgement against you and most people don't. This is how you protect your interest. What you want is for them to take back the car and leave you alone. Wish you would have asked about how to give up a car before it is repossessed and come out the best way possible. Not facing up to what is going on is just plain dangerous to your wallet.

Go anyway to represent yourself. And to see what's going on. You can always call up a attorney and ask for some free advice. If you don't show they will automatically win.

Nascar Hunny
if you receive a summons, then yes you must show up. I would call legal aid and get an attorney. If you don't show they will issue a warrant for your arrest.

yes u have too or you will go to jail

Nigel M
yes you have to go to court, to do otherwise is contempt of court which will result in jail time.

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