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someone back-up without looking and hit my car?
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someone back-up without looking and hit my car?

fast food drive-thur this suv back-up w/o looking and hit my rt light&hood. I get all her insurance stuff&hand writting that what had happend that she back-up w/o looking and hit my car.I give her my infomation except my policy# becuse my insurance been canceld while I went to vacation (I just came back and pick my mail ) and bill was due by 7/30/2006) today is saturday and insurance is closed so I wasplan to go monday and take care and car hit me. other car lady call her insurance and told what happend. and she call me and give claim# and ask my policy# what Do I have to do? her insurance will still pay for my car damge? even my insurance been canceld t'll monday? please help!



Bostonian In MO
Her insurance should probably still pay. But you never should have been driving without insurance. It's possible that her insurance company may balk at paying because you were driving uninsured. If you push the issue, they'll probably file a complaint for driving without insurance.

If your policy was cancelled for non-payment, they might reinstate you as of the cancellation date. Did you get a notice of cancellation from your insurance company? If not, you might still be insured. Check with your insurance agent first thing Monday morning! Do NOT talk to the other driver or their insurance company until you've spoken to yours!

I would get ahold of your insurance company and let them know what happen and they will tell you want to do...i don't want to tell you something wrong...that's your best bet...


If a person is at fault in an accident, they're insurance co. cuts you a check. So you can fix any damage that happened.
Were they ticketed at the accident? Also, if you had a police report stating the other party was at fault.
If you were injured they should cover all of you're bills. Plus pain and suffering. Loss of wages, if you could not work as a result of the accident ect. ect...
Dont settle with out being fully examined by a doctor.

first of all you should have had the police called and made a report. second make sure your insurance was cancelled the company. I forgot to pay once when I was younger and it turned out there was a 30 day grace period so I never had a lapse in coverage. still go to your ins. agency and talk to your agent they may be able to help you also have the cash or money order with you to pay them right a way. If they are a reputable company and you haven't had many claims they will usually help you. Make sure you explain the situation to your agent. If you've been a good customer in the past they will not want to lose your business. after you have reestablished that you have ins. thru them they will help you. DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY


try to see if they can keep your insurance going, there should be some kind of grace period and yes, her insurance should pay for it. that's what insurance is for!! good luck

Your best bet is to call your insurance company asap. Some of them have a 24/7 number you can call with questions. But Be careful. I had a similar accident happen to me and now because I can't afford to pay the damages my license is suspended indefinitely in my state until I pay in full.

tell her the truth

Give her your old policy number. Hopoefully since it is her fault they won't even contact your insurance company.

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