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what happens if you drive a vehicle that's not insured in your name?
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what happens if you drive a vehicle that's not insured in your name?

I got my license but my mother does not let me drive because she says that it's expensive to put me in her car insurance...
what happens i drive and the vehicle im driving is not insured under my name>?

If you are In the USA, read below:

Insurance companies want to know about all licensed household members (it does not matter if they are young or old) so they can calculate their potential risks for having you and these drivers covered by your insurance policy. When you purchase liability insurance (which every auto insurance policy has), there is a law that < REQUIRES > insurance companies to cover all household members who have a drivers license. Most all insurance companies will require that you either add licensed household members to the policy or exclude them. This is because as household members it is assumed they have access to your vehicles and may drive them at any time. These drivers are thus a risk/rating factor to be taken into consideration.
Many state laws require it, and your policy contract has in it terms that say you must inform them of licensed drivers dwelling in your household, so that they can add him as a driver to your policy and rate accordingly or exclude him. Excluding anyone from your car insurance would mean that you are not paying extra on your policy to have him/her as a driver and thus they are not extended any coverage by your insurance policy if they were to drive your car and be in an accident, even if it were an emergency situation.
So most insurance companies will require you to place the non-relative household member on your insurance policy as a driver if he is licensed. All licensed household members are normally required to be listed as a driver or excluded on an auto insurance policy by the insurance provider.
If you have a licensed household member, whether a relative, roommate, etc, the insurer believes that the person will have access to your vehicle and thus is a rating factor that should be on your insurance policy. If the person really is not going to drive the insured vehicle then there should not be an issue with excluding them. Without you signing off on the exclusion the insurance company cannot really believe that a licensed household member may not drive your car.
State laws differ however. Typically, insurance companies are allowed to use classifications that reflect a possible exposure for liability on the part of the insurer, in the event that bodily injury or property damage occurs due to the operation of the vehicle by anyone in your household.
The perceived risk for non-household members by an insurance company is different and that is why you can normally let a friend that does not live with you borrow your vehicle without adding him or her to your policy.
A friend may occasionally borrow your car and be covered by your insurance because they do not have regular access to your car and thus are not rated as a risk factor on your policy. If you do have someone outside of the household that regularly drives your car then normally an insurance carrier usually would also want this person listed an occasional driver so they would be properly covered in an accident.

Nothing will happen, we have insurance on all of our vehicle,there insured under my name & wife's name,my son is 17 years old and he drives one of our cars that's insured in our name, the laws states that the vehicle must be insured ,not each person that drives it. The police want do anything to you has long as the vehicle is insured. If your a responsibly driver ,i don't see any reason your parents should let you drive.

David W.
rick2914 has it right--the CAR is insured, not the driver. BUT, if you drive it often, say once a week or more, you do need to be added as a driver. If mom's company finds out that you're now licensed, it will insist on your being added, maybe retrocactive to the day you got your license; if mom won't do that, she may get canceled. The alternative is to exclude you as a driver, but many companies won't do that.

Don't get caught driving in that case. You could get arrested because the cops will think you stole the car or they will charge your insurance big time!!!

The car has the insurance. If you're driving an insured car, with the owner's permission, you're okay.

Tusher M
nothing happens,if u ever get caught or have a accident ur mother have to pay.from her insurance

just guessing but I believe the police might take it away

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