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Accident happened. Police Report wrong. What can I do?
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Accident happened. Police Report wrong. What can I do?

Accident happened with property damage. Drivers' Exchange has other party at fault. Officer issued a citation to other party for careless driving at the scene. 3 weeks later, the Official police report had me at fault. Police officer went on vacation and another officer hand wrote other party name as violator and stamped the document. Insurance agency is arguing that I was at fault and the handwritten document is invalid and no evidence of citation. Police is saying that the hand written document is official and refuses to amend the official document in the computer and that they issued a citation for other party. (I have a copy of citation). No citation was in the court records for the other party. I met officer after he came back. But he didn't amend the report in the system because he thinks handwritten and stamped report is official, already. But when I bought another police report after I talked to the officer, my name was still as the violator. Officer gave me a copy of citation which was issued to the other party. 2 months have passed, it still is not in the court system yet. So insurance company saying there is no citation.

This is pretty typical, and you should be able to at least locate the original officer who wrote the original report and get him to amend the second one that is incorrect. The worst case scenario is to drag them into court, but it unlikely this will happen. A hand written document should carry more weight legally than some stamped printed document. They used to anyway. Get your insurance company to give you a month or so to straighten this out, find the officer and in the mean time try legal aide or call a lawyer and see what he/she/they say. Mistakes are made, and I think the police should clear this one up for you.

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If you think the police report is wrong you can hire your own expert to reconstruct the crash. Many times these experts are retired police accident investigators. your insurance company probably has at least one on the payroll if you live in a large city. your defense attorney probably uses one also. Below is a directory that might include your city

OMG! I was in an accident once too! Soooooo scary O.O But luckily I wasn't injured so I can still come here and grace everyone with my presence :)

When the officer returns from vacation, he can straighten it out. Meanwhile the case should be suspended and nothing done until that officer returns to straighten the facts. Confusing who is at fault if the core of the case and cannot be recorded until it has been corrected. Then move forward.

when the officer comes back from vacation, the officer has to ammend the report. tell your insurance company that it is wrong and you are waiting for the officer to return from vacation. it was a mistake and should be corrected. i have mixed up the two on a report once or twice.

This is an easy one... Talk to an attorney.

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