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Can I you get pulled over for speeding well after the fact?
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Can I you get pulled over for speeding well after the fact?

I live on a college campus (UNT) and was pulled over for going 34 in a 20 (mph) on a main road through campus. However, the officer did not put on his lights or attempt to pull me over for half a mile and well off campus on the otherside of an interstate. He could have easily pulled me over when he allegedly saw me speeding on the main road, but didn't even indicate anything about pulling me over until half a mile later (when I was going the speed limit for quite some time). He was even stopped at a stoplight behind me for about two minutes after my alleged speeding. Is this at all legal? On the citation, he even said the location of offense was several blocks back, but did not put where he pulled me over. He also didn't put whether or not he saw me on radar and he told me in person that he'd caught me at a completely different location than he wrote on the ticket. This makes 3 different stories from the officer who also failed to identify himself at any point in the process.

please let me know if this is legal and if they have to circle Yes or No on radar detection, especially since he didn't pull me over immediately and had mixed stories on the location of my alleged offense.



(p.s. I was under the impression that they had to put on their lights immediately when they saw you speeding, not wait until you weren't speeding and well after a stoplight)

fight the ticket , if its not allot they will back off

El Scott
This is not going to be a Perry Mason moment for you. Everything you described of the event is perfectly acceptable. There is no requirement for the Officer to immediately pull you over or turn his lights on. There could have been any number of reasons it took him half a mile to stop you (which isn't that far anyway). He could have been waiting on a good spot to stop you, he could have been running you license plate, he could have been contemplating the meaning of life while deciding if he should stop you or not, etc.

He noted the area the violation occurred on his citation which is what he should have done. I rarely tell anyone my name when I stop them, unless they ask for it. I am in uniform with a badge and patches that identify me as a Police Officer and drive an unmarked patrol car with blue lights and siren which is plenty of identification.

If you plead not guilty the Officer will have to convince the judge beyond a reasonable doubt that you were speeding. Nothing you have said is going to get you out of this citation.

Bran the Man
Justification for being pulled over isn't required once you've already been caught in the act, regardless of when it happened.

The impression you were under has no meaning legally.

Black Sun Aeon
He was either running your plates or following you to see if you would make another mistake, then you would have had another charge on your ticket. Very common practice.

Yes, it is legal. They were probably following you for a bit to see what else you were up to, and to run a check on your plates to see if they needed to proceed with caution and possibly call for a back up unit if you were in a stolen car or had warrants. Also, a cop doesn't have to pull you over right where it happened, they usually want to go to a place where it is safer to stop you, so as to not interfere with other traffic. Hey, a cop once followed me into a gas station, and didn't approach me about my speeding until I was about to pump the gas. I thought that was odd, but I realized later that he was doing a check on my plates and car first, since I was in another county from which I did not live. They do not have to circle yes or no about the radar. If they didn't use it and just calculated your speed, they are trained to do that, so it is submittable in court.

Leslie S
Your impression is wrong. In some states they can even mail you a ticket for speeding. That ticket is for the vehicle owner allowing someone to use the vehicle and break the law.
In your case you got nothing. The officer can follow you for as long as they want. We are taught to take safety first and in some cases emergency equipment activation would cause safety problems. The officer could also be checking plates etc.on his car data terminal. That is for officer safety to see if there are warnings on the computer systems about your car. Even before we had those systems it made no difference. If you violated we could wait to stop.
If in your state the lack of circle is wrong, it isn't most places, it does not get yo out of the ticket. If you go to court all the officer or prosecutor has to do is amend the ticket (which is a complaint) in court.
If the officer is in uniform he does not need to id himself any further, except at the bottom of the ticket with a signature. The location of the stop means nothing, the location of the violation is what is important.

If the officer followed you from his jurisdiction he could even stop you in another jurisdiction, even most states, unlike in the movies.

p c
An Officer can pull you over well after a violation has occured as long as he keeps the vehicle in sight the entire time.

There are many reasons why he didn't pull you over immediately.

1.Didn't like the area for Officer Safety reasons, or just plain safety reasons.
2. He was running your license plate first to check if it was stolen, or the registration was current

etc. etc.

As far as the radar goes. In California for Radar to be admisible in court a Enginering and Traffic Survey must be on file with the court for that particular road you were speeding on. The Survey basically says the road in question is ok for radar use.

If you weren't speeding, Fight it! If you were, pay the ticket and see if you could go to traffic school

He can stop you at any distance he sees fit. The citation is just a notice of offense to you and the court. Errors on the ticket mean little. It's easy enough to file a new complaint with the court.

If he was following behind you the whole way then yes he can ticket you since he witnessed it and technically immediately pursued you and maintained pursuit. There could be any number of reasons he didn't attempt to pull you over right away and it actually doesn't matter if none of them are legitimate since plenty of them are plausible. You could possibly fight this ticket and win if it turns out that the officer initially witnessed you out of his jurisdiction or potentially even off duty but there's almost no way to prove that and he will be given the benefit of the doubt. So you'll be better off just paying for it and getting on with your life.

♫♪ Sounds Good to Me ♪♫
They can pull you over for anything as long as you did it or if there is enough legible proof that you did it.

Hollywood Prod.
Just challenge it......I always win when I do

He may have been waiting for an answer to getting information about your vehicle.Usually you run the plate for wants/warrants before you stop the vehicle. Sometimes you get a glitch and it takes a few minutes.

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