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Can a California Highway Patrol hide in the darkness with radar gun and site me with a ticket?
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Can a California Highway Patrol hide in the darkness with radar gun and site me with a ticket?

I was given a speeding ticket, but I don't think its fair for a Highway Patrol to hide in the darkness on a down hill highway and use his radar gun to catch speeders.

Yes, the Officer can hide and use radar. However, that does not mean that the speed detected by radar was the correct speed. If you want to fight your speeding ticket in most cases you may do so by a process called Trail by Written Declaration. It is all done by mail. For free information on fighting speeding tickets and trial by declaration go to www.2FixYourTrafficTicket.com

ornery and mean
Yes, they can run radar with no lights on. It is "fair" that you got a ticket!

The speed limit sign warns you that you can be ticketed for driving too fast.

its really no excuse for it to be in the dark or downhill. you have brakes and speedometer to check your speed whet-er is downhill or straight. and the darkness, well lots of people try calling entrapment, but how did the cop entice you to speed by hiding in the darkness.

you knew the speed limit before you decided to speed right?

This is perfectly fair and LEGAL.

(Pertaining to hiding in the dark...)
We are under no legal obligation to inform you that we are enforcing the law. It's an urban myth/legend that says we have to keep lights on when conducting traffic enforcement.

(Pertaining to the downhill grade...)
Whether you think it's fair or not, the speed limit is still the speed limit. The sign doesn't say "65 unless you're going downhill".

You're going to be stuck with this one. If it's your first ticket, or first ticket in a long while, you can check into the "Traffic School" when you appear in court. That will take a few hours of your time and cost about as much as the ticket probably, but it will keep the ticket off of your insurance and will avoid points on your license.

I don't see how it is any different than putting a helicopter or plane in the air running radar. Do you want them to have one of those banners saying Radar zone? I know it doesn't sound fair, but you don't have to see the police for it to be legal. The new radar systems are actually laser systems and can catch you sometimes up to a 1/2 mile or more away on a clear road.

Kenneth C
I also don't think it is the best policy to issue citations on downhill slopes

However, it is perfectly valid for them to do so at night. Police are allowed to hide when doing speed enforcement.

yes, U better stop speeding or you will be arrested.

Yes it is legal
I live in rural Texas They love too park under the shade of a big oak tree on my little ranch The other day I stopped off to talk with them with a cold one open between my knees After a while I said ''see ya heading off home'' ''Best y'all do that cold ones getting warm'' They see it all

warren v
I personally do not like the idea of radar being shot on a down hill stretch of road, you tend to see people getting ticketed for not riding the brakes instead of those intentionally breaking the law. Of course after saying that, how fast were you going, most cops will not ticket you until you are 10 over.

But other than that I have no issue with a police officer "Hiding".

They can hide under the brush on the side of the road in camouflage so that you can't see them at all and it's still legal for them to stop you for breaking the law. It's not entrapment if that's what you are thinking.

it's fair, what do you want them to do, put a big neon sign saying radar cop ahead?

Gojira hates Obama
Yes, my favorite is to park my personal car and radio down the road for each speeder. Man do they get mad, but never yet had a ticket thrown out.

Blue Haired Old Lady

You shouldn't have been speeding.

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