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Can a knife cut through kevlar? (bulletproof vest)?
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Can a knife cut through kevlar? (bulletproof vest)?

Can a knife cut through kevlar? In other words if I am wearing a a kevlar bulletproof vest and get stabbed, will the knife cut through the kevlar? (considering that theire is no shock plate)

mike g
depends on the grade of kevlar, the lower grades allow knifes to go through, but not the higher grades.

yes it can kevlar is not cut resitant also an arrow with a broad head will go through it

Yes the blade is called a Tanto tip.

some types but not level III


Yes. Kevlar lets knife wounds penetrate through. There are vest that are actually Stab Resistant.

I highly doubt it because if a bullet traveling at the speed of sound cant peirce it then i dont think a knife will!

kevlar is a material that is flexable, yet extremely strong. It stops bullets do to its extraordinary tensile strength. it does, however have a low shear strength, which allows for cutting.
the reason it works so well for bullet-proofing is the weave allows for ajoining fibers to add their strength and to not allow the assualted strand to move out of the way. it is a very tight weave, if it were not, the fibers would just part and allow the bullet to pass through.
knife proof vests have different materials that are hard and stiff that foil the relatively powerless thrust of a knife attack and resiste cutting forces.
This other material can be a resin compound so that it is mixed with the kevlar cloth (think fiberglass).
It can also be another type of woven material, like a screen or modern version of chain-mail. the latter types of constructions allow for flexability, whereas the resin type of system would be very stiff.

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