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Can a letter send to a judge help....?
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Can a letter send to a judge help....?

My hubby is having trouble w/ her EX she is not allowing their kid (10yr) to speak or see my hubby, 4weeks ago we drive 15 hrs to pick him up fro summer vacations but she hide during that weekend, a week after that we bought a plane ticket so he can come but we had to cancel cuz she never show on the airport so the flyight was lost... it has being almost 3 weeks & my hubby keep's calling and calling w/ no answer...A friend told us to send a letter signed by a notary to the judge in her town, explaining the situation & showing proofs of the trip & plane ticket attaching also a letter requesting visitation for christamas vacation's starting the day the boy comes out from school until a day before he start's school, he only come twice a year cuz of the distace... Can this be done & the judge will the judge be able 2 do something?? We are planning on getting a lawyer but in few months cuz right now we can't afford it..Any advices????

Is the case already in court? If so you can send what ever you want to court. Will it help? Who knows. But my advice is to get a lawyer it is better for you in a number of ways:
1) they know the law
2) They will have some report with the Court
3) They should be more articulate to your issues than you will be.
4) They won't make things worse, you could.

I don't think that sending a letter to a judge will help. You are correct in getting an attorney but you will have to file a petition in the same city /state that the original visitation order was granted. I don't think that a judge from one state can enforce visitation rights from another state. Check with your local Legal Services, they will often be of assistance without paying a fee. At least there you will be able to get the proper answers to some of your questions. Good luck, I know that this is hurting your husband but the one being hurt the most is the child in question. Hope Mom wakes up and see the light and quits punishing the child because she can't be with the Dad.

Madame Gato
I think that no matter what you're going to have to go to court. A judge, so far as I know, can't enforce that type of thing. However, it never hurts to ask.

Rather than sending a letter, why not call the judge and ask the assistant if that is a good solution to the problem. You might find that they can tell you where better to go if it isn't.

You need to address an appeal to the Family Court. Go to the courthouse and get information.

No, sending a letter directly to a judge is inappropriate. He needs to contact a lawyer - he should not have any contact with a judge concerning a case in which he is involved in.

Does your husband have a written custody agreement that says he is allowed certain visitation? If so, and he's denied that visitation, then he can call the Domestic Relations Division (sometimes it's called family court) and report this abuse of his rights. His ex can be sued to force her to let him have his visits. Meantime, his ex is probably telling the child he doesn't want to see him, so your ex should try calling the boy frequently and write letters to him, if possible. (Keep copies to show the judge.) Go to Legal Aid, if you can't afford an attorney. Who handled the divorce and custody agreements? That lawyer can write a letter to the woman and tell her she must honor her agreement or face court. It doesn't cost a lot to have an attorney write one letter. I'd send the stuff (that your friend said to send a judge) to an officer of the Family Court, yes. Can't hurt. But just send copies. Keep all your original tickets, papers, etc. in a safe place for use in court.

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