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Can a person be arrested just by someone saying someone did something?
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Can a person be arrested just by someone saying someone did something?

One witness (lying) saying so too. No physical evidence. Florida.

The police can do anything, because they can.

They can be arrested but the arrest may or may not hold, It is doubtful they would go to trial without more evicdence

Yes, it is called a frame up, and it happens often.

Arrested, possibly. Convicted, not likely. If there are two people saying that they both saw this person commit a crime, that is considered eyewitness testimony. Unless it can be shown that the "witnesses" are lying, then an arrest is quite possible. All that is necessary to arrest someone is "probable cause". Two eyewitnesses would give probable cause. After the arrest, the police would obtain any necessary search warrants to try to obtain further evidence. If they don't get any more evidence, then it would be hard to convict, because to convict someone you need proof "beyond a reasonable doubt". A lot would depend on how believable the two "witnesses" are, and whether or not the person being accused has any credible witnesses. It's possible the police would be able to say right away that people are lying or that the witnesses on the other side are more believable.

Michael R
The person can be arrested for the crime but may have a easy day in court. To be convicted of a crime there needs to be sufficient evidence that would find the person guilty without a reasonable doubt.

Sally G
No, they have to have some kind of evidence. Even if they have a alibi, they still need proof. How can they take someone who has not prove their case. But they can take you and your friend (0r whom ever may be) to jail for false accusation.

Depends... Freedom of speech does not allow anyone to arrest you just because of what you say. But if you willingly give false information and they launch an investigation, then you're fried

he needs proof and you nees witness for yoour placeat that time

A peson is innocent until proven guilty beyond ANY reasonable doubt. If there is no proof, than there is no sentence.

Keith Perry
From what I understand they can take you and question you if someone else accuses you of something. You must provide an alibi. They cannot arrest you or hold you in jail without physical evidence.

Blunt Honesty
Yes. Depending on the accusation, it might be more dangerous for the police to not take someone into custody in case the accuser is being honest. Once the lie is discovered, they should be released and the accuser should be arrested and/or fined for filing a false report.

grace b
nope, only with evidence or suspicion but if someone just says something they can only take you in for questioning or hold you for 48 hours and then they have to let you go if they have no case

Most of the time, yes. Proving it after the fact is another matter --- not that that's any consolation in the immediate for the person being arrested for nothing.

Fran Y
Physical evidence is key, a ruling on substantial evidence is very rare and hard to back up.

no not all the time they have to have some sort of proof otherwise people would do that all the time to get others in trouble but if anyone did that to someone that is really mean and selfish.


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