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Can someone be arrested for emotional abuse/threats?
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Can someone be arrested for emotional abuse/threats?

So far tonight, my "fiance" has told me that he'll kill me if I ever yell at him, that he'll cut off parts of my body and feed them to rats if I say I'm crying, not to mention calling me disgusting names and cursing me out. He's drunk, very drunk, if that matters. Because he gets worse if I threaten to leave him, then he causes problems with my family. When my mom found out how he was treating me, she became so stressed that she was sent to the E.R. with heart attack symptoms.

yes, if you have it on record

Bob Newhart
Dammit, haul ass outta there, he's a grade A psycho

You can leave and get a court order saying he must stay away from you, if he violates the order you can have him arrested. Find an organization that help battered women in you community and get some advice and counseling about how best to handle situation using the police is not aways the best solution. But no matter what you decide to do, do not do not threaten to leave, leave him

You have just given emotional abuse to all women if you plan on marrying him you will save one of us hopefully he will stay with you if you feel you do not deserve someone who treats you as a lady and a human being you deserve better

yeah, it's a threat if u feel like the relationship is a threat, then u should report him if he says that again, u'd be doing him a favor, he needs anger management

Why is he STILL your boyfriendfiancee???? Certain things I can see, but the decapitating threats are never to be taken lightly. Then you know its only gonna get worse. Please don't have any kids. And why marry him? You dont have to go that far. You need to leave him and move and tell the police to put him on a restraing order from you and your family. What a horrible situation.

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