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Can you be arrested if 2 people said that you commited a crime but the police have no evidence of you?
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Can you be arrested if 2 people said that you commited a crime but the police have no evidence of you?

Can you be arrested if 2 people said that you commited a crime but the police have no evidence of you? Apparently 2 people said i broke into a house with them and i cop just talked to me and said that they are going to get a warrant for my arrest. Can they do this they have no physical evidence at all. because i wasn't there but they dont believe me

For a felony, the cops have to have a reasonable belief that you committed the crime in question before they can arrest you. For a misdemeanor, they had to have actually seen the crime, unless it was a breach of the peace, for them to arrest you. This is a tough one. How reliable do the witnesses appear? What motives do the witnesses have in pinpointing you as the perp? What connection do they have with the property? Hopefully, the cop was bluffing to get you to confess to a crime you didn't commit. Do not confess to anything you didn't do, no matter what is promised to you. The truth will come out and will always set you free.

Laura Joyce
They can arrest, but cannot prosecute. basically they should have said "(name) you are being arrested under SUSPICION of........" but thy have no hard proof that you have done anything you're safe!

2 witnesses testimony is enough for suspicion and arrest however if you have a valid alibi you have nothing to worry about. I would also question my association with these two "witnesses"

mr blue
You can be questioned and even a warrant issued based upon probable cause, but you cannot be convicted based upon a co-conspirators(or 2) statements alone, nor would you be brought to trial without more evidence(IE: Possession of something stolen there, fingerprints, an eye-witness who was not involved in the crime, trying to hock proceeds from said house.) The warrant would be site specific, it would delineate what they are looking for and anything in plain site is good!

Law Enforcement 101 - Interviewing witnesses. It is very easy to side track a witnesses misconceptions, or lies of what happened. If there are no gaps in a witnesses statements, and the witnesses are also understanding that it is a misdemeanor lying to a sworn statement - and they continue through with their statements - it will be determined by the investigating officer whether or not there is Probable Cause for arrest - this probable cause will then be brought into the District Attorney for prosecution - if the DA concurs that there is enough evidence based upon the preponderance of the witnesses testimony - he will then prosecute the case. If a witness is lying - a rookie straight out of the academy will know it. And if you're innocent, don't concern yourself. Then again, 95% of the people in prison state they are innocent! Consider that.

Two witnesses are enough to convict a person. But if you prove that you were not there ( solid proof) crown may ask judge to throw the case. Police don't have to have evidence. 2 persons are the evidence.

You sure can be arrested. Two statements from two different persons is more than probable cause to get a warrant and arrest you. Its strange that two people, who have already confessed, would include an innocent person as their accomplice. You might want to think about this.

Dr pinkdragon The empire
Actually they will be but under the actualisation for a long period ( in case if the polic didn't find any thing yet )

That's knows as being framed. . . It is possible that the police can get some judge to sign off on an arrest warrant based on the statements of two other offenders. Whether or not you are actually tried for the offense will depend on the prosecutor (who just might believe you). If tried, the prosecution still has to convince the court that these two thieves are paragons of truth. . ., which is often a hard sell. Still, the potential for your wrongful conviction is there; get a lawyer.

They can get a warrant for your arrest even if you were dead that day. Two witness' statements, no matter how unreliable, are evidence enough.

Tom Gray
its basically one persons word against another's. Cant really go to jail for that...

They have evidence. It is called witness testimony.

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