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Can you be arrested just because someone says you stole from them without no evidence at all?
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Can you be arrested just because someone says you stole from them without no evidence at all?

A girl I know used to be my friend, but now she was accused of theft from her employer where I was employed too, and she turned around and said I stole a motorcylce from her and her mother and father support her on that lie. But, can the police department just come to my workplace and arrest me because she's saying that to them? And of course they have no evidence because she's lieing, it never happened. Could I get arrested ?

It all depends what race and class you are, if your black or poor the cops will arrest you untill they are satisfied you didnt do it. if your middle class theyll probably give you the benifit of the doubt.

Save our Constitution!
NO! Its 1 persons word against another.However, cops will say what they want if they think you do not know the law. It really helps when you say I KNOW MY RIGHTS! Be familiar with a local attorney the law fears. Most cops do what they want anymore anyway!

that happened to me and the cops cuffed me and checked with everyone but since there was no evidence there were charges to be filed.

heritage b
They cannot arrest you without reasonable evidence to the cause. But say you were nearby when a theft occured and you fitted the description of the assailante they would arrest you on the spot as a suspect, but when you prove your innocence you would be freed.

If there is no arrest warant,no
If there is a warant of arrest, yes. Remeber, you have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. Anything you say can be use against you in the court of law

The police will investigate. If there is sufficient evidence you may be arrested, if not charges will be dropped.

Special K
Not without evidence that supports her claim.

s and d e
they can arrest you for whatever they want, but they can't convict you based soley on the word of 1 person who isn't a credible witness


Its not likely.

But this story gives me the strong impression that you're leaving out some crucial detail.

Why would she make up a story like that? Did she "give" you or sell you a motorcycle? Leave hers at your place and never come back for it?

If she were just making something up out of nothing, the police could check the story--find out that no motorcycle exists, and then she would also be charged with filing a false police report (or worse...)

The kicker for me is that her parents are backing her up. They're not going to want to be charged with filing a false report either. This tells me you may, in fact, need to be worried.

If she tells the cops that she saw the theft, that is evidence. It is sufficient to investigate and to make an arrest and question you about it. It is also sufficient to go to trial and let a jury decide what is true and what is not. That doesn't mean that any of that will happen, but it is possible.

Yes, it depends on who is reporting and who you are.

If the person reporting you is rich, powerful and has connections, you can be arrested even though you may never even be charged with anything, especially if you are a poor, powerless non-entity etc

The police will have the statements of three people as evidence. You can be charged based on this alone. It will be up to a judge to decide if the witnesses are credible or not at trial.

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