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Do speeding tickets get sent recorded delivery?
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Do speeding tickets get sent recorded delivery?

Sorry pretty dull question. By the way why can you only collect recorded delivery stuff on a saturday morning if your working?


No speeding tickets just get sent through the post. My local post-office has started to open at 8:30 for people who work, this is no good if you commute to the nearest town which is 15 miles away so at 8:30 you are already on your way.

Most are sent by first class. a notice of intended prosecution will be sent within 14 days to the registered keepers address. Asking if you were the driver and if not who was was or when did you sell the vehicle. This form will have been in at least duplicate so that the person sending it can endorse the bank of the copy as proof of posting. If you then get a summons through the post they will have to prove that the summons was served.

That's the diabolical thing about speeding tickets. They come completely out of the blue in a plain envelope, two weeks after the event, shortly after you've come to the conclusion there was no film in the camera.

shropshire lad

swampfox conservative
To the best of my knowledge, speeding tickets are handed out by the police officer,at the time of the infraction. I suppose, if you did not pay the traffic fine by a certain date, they may send you a notice by returned receipt requested. If a signature is required and you are not home at the time of delivery, usually, the mail person will leave a note stating that mail may/must be picked up at the post office window by a certain date; never knew it could only be picked up sat.

Bubble fart
Probably not. However whether you get it in the mail or not is of no consequence. You got the ticket speeding and that is that. It is considered in your possession.

astra andy
No not sent by recorded delivery,You can have recorded delivery items redelivered to your work place if you wish as long as you fill out the back of the P739 "while you were out" card your Postman left you and return it to your local delivery office

Ordinary mail, first asking if you were the driver. Don't worry, yours is in the post.

Tracey S
No - so make sure the address on your documents is up to date or you may find yourself with a summons!

No, unless you are in one of those places that have the camera/radar detectors on the side of the road.

Alfred E Newman

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