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Does a Police Officer have to identify themselves if you ask them?
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Does a Police Officer have to identify themselves if you ask them?

If you approach and ask an officer (even one working undercover) if they are with the Police, are they legally required to answer truthfully?

Of course not! That would TOTALLY defeat the purpose of being undercover and every bad guy selling crack on the corner would be asking every customer if they were the police before every sale! Sort of funny if you think about it! :)

Lovely J
Yes. An officer must identify themselveas well as give badge number.

No. We live in a police state, where cops may operate secretly (hence, "secret police").

Undercover....no....in uniform....yes

No, they do not have to answer. That defeats the purpose of being undercover. The only time they are required to ID themselves is when they are detaining you, or exercising their authority in some other way.


Mr. Goodhi ©


Fred P
If they are working in uniform, they generally will have a name badge - that takes care of that issue. If out of uniform (ie, working undercover or investigations), they don't HAVE to identify themselves at all. Calif Deputy

John D

Mr & Mrs O'Neil

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