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Does a citizen have any rights against a police officer who is acting unlawfully?
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Does a citizen have any rights against a police officer who is acting unlawfully?

Suppose a citizen was pulled over for speeding and asked to remove himself from his vehicle with his hands on his head. If the cop were then to beat him, tazer him, grope him, spray him, etc..Does the citizen have any rights to defend himself against the officers unlawful attacks? This is all on the premise that the citizen did nothing wrong but go over the speed limit in his vehicle. Also note that there is no evidence of this happening. It would be a his word against the other if sent to court.

Death Panelist
Anyone who breaks the law deserves to be beaten, tasered, sprayed, or otherwise physically attacked. Don't like it? Then don't break the law! Yes, even someone who's being stopped for speeding deserves to be beaten and tasered. That's why we have a police force.

Yes. Here in Ontario we presently have an ongoing situation over force used in the G10. A citizen complained, there has been an investigation and to-day the Officer was charged with assault. You need proof though as many citizens exaggerate grossly and make up stories as you can see here on yahoo. In the above case someone had taken a video.

cordless extension cord
They will always take the cops word (say so) over anybody or group of peoples testimony (that is unless the victim/s were other cops). I'm not saying that any of this is fair but history of the United States of America has always told a very bad story. That's why only an estimated 55% police agencies in the U.S. have cameras in their cars and of the ones that do the only time they "claim" the camera's malfunctioned is when they are accused of wrong doing. Techinally there is no justifyable self defense against police brutality while it is in progress; as unfair as that may be. Take it from someone who was framed for a non-violent felony crime. Law enforcement officers and those who work with them are nothing but crooked dishonest liars. The fact that they are never (ever) are willing to take the polygraph examinations that they stand by is among many types of evidence that proves this. Most of the time they don't make things up out of the clear smog poluted sky but they will almost always exaggerate their allegations against people. If I'm wrong then surf around on YouTube and other major video sharing websites and you will see this; even though a lot of times people may have done things to provoke them. But look at the good side on CBS "60 minutes" a lady that's a financial anylist predicts that in about 12 or 13 months federal, state, and local public sector public sector is going to monetarilly collapse. In Illinois state police road troopers can't fuel their P71's (you know the patrol vehicles)-that's gotta be some good news. Just trust me and do the best you can to passivley avoid cops ...

Big Wig
It would be considered police brutality. Yes, the citizen has rights against this. One, every cruiser has a dashboard cam. If the camera was disabled, that looks bad on the cop. Also, if the citizen were to go to the hospital, the doctors would fill out a report stating that the person was beaten. They would see two puncture wounds from the tazer. The groping wouldn't be proven. Pepper spray can be detected since the particles would not only end up in the eyes but on the bridge of the nose, and forehead as well. Excessive force is a crime in this country, however, if the citizen resisted the police officer during an arrest, no matter if the arrest is legal or illegal, the officer has the right to use whatever means necessary to subdue the citizen.

The "beating" and "tazing" Would most likely leave some sort of mark, and the pepper spray could be chemically tested. The groping is your word against his, and in all likelyhood you wouldn't win against any of it.

Jimmy Whispers X
From USA- Check Qualified immunity laws. You as an American have the right to remain silent, whilst uniformed crazed lunatics kick the living crap out of you.

Yes - you are allowed due process, both civilly and criminally.

Tim Harrington
Yes, but having legal rights isn't the same as winning a court case. If there's no evidence to back up your claim of self-defense you'd probably be charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

Ian Pokrandt
Yes and then sew him

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