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Does the FBI contact people via email or is this some hoax?
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Does the FBI contact people via email or is this some hoax?

I have not done anything illegal that I know about. The contact email address is an AOL address and their is a mention of Nigeria in the email header. Should I find an actual government contact and alert them about this hoax?

The FBI does not contact anyone by email. If they need to contact you they show up in person at your home. And all FBI email addresses are from @fbi.gov - nothing else You can either report this to the FBIs IC3 division which investigates cyber crime http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx or contact your local FBI Field Office as it's a federal offense to impersonate a US government official http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field

Dances With Mops 2 - Mop Bucket Boogaloo
SCAM! Report it yesterday.

Hoax. Check FBI.gov. They are actually trying to track these now because of how many there are

Susie Q
Dont ever open e mails like that Just delete. The FBI does not contact civillians by way of e mail. Its somebody playing games with you. They may not even know who you are Run your scans Also block this sender. Change your password on this e mail account. If its Yahoo e mail do not share your updates with people. You dont need to contact the government.

The FBI does not have an AOL account an they do their investigations in person

it's a hoax/scam. a government email address will be -------.gov

Echo Two
It's a scam. Delete it and move on.

It is not the FBI. First off, if you were wanted, they would come get you, not email you. Also, if by some crazy chance they did email you it would be a .gov address, not an AOL address. No worries.

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