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Does the Mafia still exist?
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Does the Mafia still exist?

in NYC does the mafia still do a lot of organized crime? and with the crime they do is it enough money to live off or is the mafia over in NYC? the five families are still in NY though so there doing something right?

They don't really exist, they haven't existed for decades. It's no longer the mafia it goes by a new name which will be undisclosed. But yes, they do still control crime syndicates.

Of course it still exists and triving.

Well,if blue steel says so,then it must be true,police dont lie.Yup.Any way their live and well in St.louis Mo.

Possibly all five families, but I am sure Gambino family still exists in NYC. Obviously, many of their illegal operations and activities are no longer profitable or safe due to the high pressure from law enforcement and FBI, so they are now more involved in legitimate businesses. Perfect example is the reality show "Growing Up Gotti." If you read the news on organized crime, Gotti was accused and acquitted few times several months ago, which means they still operate. But Italian mafia reign was over long time ago.

yeah, but as far as i know, they arnt as big or as controlling as they used to be. from what i hear, they are mostly into drug pushing now.
but i am not nypd so i cant tell you for sure.

alive and well they are still out there

I heard on the radio today that the boss in Sicily was just shot and people are afraid it will set off gang warfare.

Here is something I looked up about NYC, the site also has pictures of some major figures:

New York City is the place of origin for organized crime in the United States. Currently, there are five families in the New York City outfit of La Cosa Nostra. This page will give background information on each of the five families. First of all, the five families are Gambino, Genovese, Colombo, Bonanno, and Luchese. These names come from Joe Valachi. He was a low ranking soldier who was the first man to break the omerta, or code of silence. The family names come from him, because he testified as to who the bosses were of the five families at the time of his arrest in 1959. The only difference is the Colombo family. It was under the control of Joe Profaci in 1959, but Joe Colombo became famous in the 1960's and therefore, his name has been used to identify the family since then.


Yes, but keep it to yourself if you know what is good for you.

DlCK Chenney

Jewish, mafia are back and they have complete control of hollywood, all major media network and all u.s politicians from senators to congress and white house.

They have sucessfully push the Italian mafia out of business.

The MAFIA is everywhere...including PHILIPPINES

►Crudе◄ ►Rocks◄ ►4 Ever◄

Be quiet or you will sleep with the fishes...

does a bear have hair?????????

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