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Does the Social Security Administrations office have access to the NCIC?
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Does the Social Security Administrations office have access to the NCIC?

Can they check if a person has a warrant and can they be arrested there if there are any outstanding warrants out for their arrest?

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Only if someone turns you in .

The poster above is probably correct on the access to NCIC. But what would the point? The SSA is not a law enfocement agency. There would be no need for them to access it.

As to the last part of the question he missed the point I think. I believe the op was asking if they did have access would they call the cops. Again they are not law enforcement. Probably the only time they would call law is if there was some kind of flag on you info from SSA themselves. Such as fraud or some such.

no .. only law enforcement agencies have access to ncic.

Funny you should ask at this time, because someone dear to me who receives disability benefits from Social Security Administration was notified in writing that his checks were being suspended due to an outstanding warrant. NCIC was mentioned in the letter. SSA had no interest in arresting him per se, their purpose was only to stop his benefits, unless he could prove the warrant was due to identity theft or get it dismissed. It was a 2 year old bench warrant for a failure-to-appear for a progress report in a court ordered program.
So that's just what SSA did--they stopped his monthly checks. He retained an attorney and returned to court and explained why he had failed to appear and was granted a dismissal on the warrant with another date to appear to iron out the details. This was an extremely difficult manuveur that took months to accomplish. And even after getting the outstanding warrant dismissed, Social Security was not easy to deal with and it took a month of continuous trips to the field office to get his benefits going again.
Social Security could care less about actually arresting a person with a warrant. Their big gun is to simply have a reason to stop issuing benefits--that is their punishment. If someone knows they have an outstanding warrant and receives benefits through SSA they need to take care of that warrant immediately because it will eventually crop up and then they'll really have problems because they won't have any resources to take care of the situation. Hope this helped you out.

What you've got here is one of those two-part, bifurcated questions. That's what you've got here.

Do they have access to NCIC?

Unlike the other posters (who don't cite their sources), I'm not convinced that *nobody* within the Social Security Administration has access to NCIC. I think it's entirely possible, especially given that they are a federal agency and have their own investigators.

One thing I would venture to bet, however, is that they do not routinely run the names of their clients through NCIC, and that if anyone at SSA has access to NCIC, it's not the regular worker-bees.

Can people be arrested at the SSA office if they have a warrant?

Of course. And at home, work, and over the river and through the woods, even at Grandma's house. The SSA office ain't no refuge from the law, so you most certainly can be arrested there.


Nope, didn't miss the point. Just answered the question.

NCIC does more than just serve as a pointer system for warrants. I can't think of a reason why they'd need access to it or why they'd have it, and that's why I said I thought it was possible, not probable.

Nope they do not have access to NCIC or other crime data bases and they can not check. Only way they would if your Osama Bin Ladin trying to get a SS card.

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