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Does the speed limit begin when you are able to see the speed limit sign, or after you pass it?
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Does the speed limit begin when you are able to see the speed limit sign, or after you pass it?

Donovan A
yea when u reach it not pass it but usually u shud start slowing down or speeding up to the limit when u see the sign

The speed limit is not determined by YOU are. It is determined by where the speed limit begins. If you enter a highway but don't see a speed limit sign for two miles, that doesn't mean you can drive 80 mph legally. You have to know that the highway has a speed limit and it is most likely 55 or 65, then look for a sign just in case it is away from an urban area and is 70 or more.

camel toe
When you get to it

Limit starts AT the sign...best practice is to start slowing down 1/4 mile before it...cops will USUALLY cut you some slack, but if you're not at the speed within about 1/8 of the mile past the sign, and they don't have anything else to do, you'll probably end up with a ticket. Gas prices are going up anyway, slow down a little...

when you reach the sign, it starts.

After you pass it.

PASS it, thats why on some there is a smaller sign on top saying begins

Here in FL it USED TO BE that as soon as you could read the sign, but last year they changed it to when you pass the sign.

The speed limit begins as soon as you leave your driveway. Until you pass a sign telling you differently, you are to assume the speed limit is 25 mph on roads and 55 mph on highways. Any new speed limit zone would start where the sign is, not before.

Depends on the state. In Florida, the sign is entirely irrelevant, as the speed limit is merely a suggestion of the minimum speed you must travel in order not to be run off the road.

It depends on which ******** cop pulls you over.

I had this debate once with a cop. He told me that the speed limit begins when you can see the sign informing you of the limit. So, weeks later, I get pulled over again, about a 1/2 mile BEFORE the speed limit sign. I tell the cop that I can see the sign up the road (you could, but cant read it...I just know its there.) and I still got a ticket - because he said that the limit was from the posted spot, not before, but from that point and onwards.

So, depends on who pulls you over. Its a scam...

The speed limit begins at the line where it is posted.

First L
I think it starts as soon as you pass the sign.

as far as i know it begins where the sign is posted.

so, if you are in a 35 zone and it goes up to 45, as soon as you pass that sign stating 45 it is 45.

being able to "see" the sign varies and there is no constant for anyone to rely on. so, it only makes sense that where the sign is posted is where that speed limit zone begins.

Lord of the Geeks
Some cities have a default speed limit, say 30-35 mph, that applies on every street not marked with a sign. In a place like that, the new speed limit would go into effect after passing the sign.

Funny question.I suppose you start to brake a kilometre before a speed bump,do ya?

After you pass it. Different people can see it at different distances. The point at which you pass it is constant.

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